#HGDrop: Adidas x Extra Butter Launch A Capsule Collection Paying Homage To Cricket

SC Premiere 'Cableknit 2.0'
SC Premiere 'Cableknit 2.0'Adidas X Extra Butter

Growing up in India, even those who’re not particularly ‘Sports lovers’ would’ve gotten swept up in the Cricket fervour. While our nation's time under Colonial rule may have fundamentally altered our culture in more ways than one, Cricket is one of the few things that added to our culture and has become closely woven into the fabric of Indian society, by becoming a passion for the people. The spirit, elegance, sportsmanship and principles of the sport continue to capture the hearts of Indians and the love has been passed down through the generations. It is often a family and community affair where people huddle around TV sets to watch matches and celebrate collectively at the team’s victories. 

With this year being India’s first time conducting the Cricket World Cup as a sole host in ten different stadiums across the nation, it is an extra special time for Cricket lovers in the nation. Keeping in mind the love that Indians carry in their heart for the sport, Extra Butter, the New York streetwear brand has created an exclusive capsule collection in collaboration with global athletic giant Adidas. The brands have collaborated on over seven similar projects over the years, but this was created especially in celebration of Extra Butter’s launch of its first international outpost in Mumbai. 

Extra Butter’s Co-founders Ankur and Nick Amin wanted to tell a truly Indian story, one that they remembered with nostalgia and love. The collection was created by the sibling duo, by drawing from their favourite childhood memories of hearing their family recount the golden age of cricket that put India on the global field, and by the talent and finesse of legends like Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar. With the brand’s debut in India coinciding with the Cricket World 2023 being hosted here, it felt like synergy of the best kind. 

While there are multiple pieces in this capsule collection, the main event is the Adidas Cable-Knight 2.0 SC Premier shoes in white and cricket ball red. The cable knit upper featured on the design is a revived rendition of the original Cable-knit SC premiere that was created with Extra Butter’s designer during an earlier collaboration with Adidas. In fact, it was the first time the cable-knit fabric was used as an upper for a sneaker. This 2.0 version of the sneaker is created with the heritage of cricket in mind and the dignity and classic style of the sport. This piece in particular is also designed with Easter eggs for the customer to discover. It features the first time the Adidas name appears in Hindi on the uppers of the shoe and also the years that India won the Cricket World Cup on the medial side of the shoe, and much more. 

From club blazers and pants to iconic cricket-inspired vests and sweaters in cable knit material, the design team has drawn from multiple elements of fashion that refer to the world of Cricket. The press note for the collection also refers to the short-sleeved cable-knit button-up shirt as being considered ‘the hero piece’. And what cricket-inspired streetwear collection would be complete without the tastefully designed staples like T-shirts and caps to complete the collection? 

The products from this collection are exclusively available from 4th November 2023 at Extra Butter’s Mumbai flagship store at Utopia City, Lower Parel.

You can cop the pieces from the collection online, on their website here.