Homegrown Label URA Wants To Make Your Wardrobe Smaller & Seasonless

URA is all about mindfully crafted fashion that is both sharp and comfortable.
URA is all about mindfully crafted fashion that is both sharp and comfortable.URA

URA is a homegrown fashion label that understands the struggle of having a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. Arunima Sahni Vig founded URA with the idea of creating pieces infused with a timeless appeal that people can reinvent endlessly. The label is all about mindfully crafted fashion that is both sharp and comfortable.

But URA isn't just focused on creating more clothes to add to your overflowing wardrobe. It's about creating better clothes that people actually want to wear. 

Their human-centric designs ensure that the processes are ethical and sustainable. What does that mean in practice? Well, for starters, URA sifts through fabrics endlessly to find the perfect feel. And once they've found it, the pieces are created by a tiny team of four people. All of URA’s designs are conceptualised for months before being produced. It is with these principles in place that they visualise and create products that are purely and uncompromisingly from the heart.

Born peak-pandemic, URA was inspired by the challenges they faced. Just as the label was ready to start creating its collection, the world went into lockdown and the URA team used it as an opportunity to rethink their approach. They realised the importance of creating pieces that transcend seasons and trends. 

URA's pieces are staples that will never go out of style. Minimalism is key for URA, but with an edge that sets it apart from other minimalist labels. Their pieces such as their hourglass blazers, overcoats and pastel trousers have clean lines and classic silhouettes, but they're made from heavy-duty fabrics that are always open to reinvention.

So if you're tired of fast fashion and want to invest in pieces that are truly meaningful, look no further than URA. Their pieces are timeless, versatile, and made with love. And let's be real, who doesn't want a little more love in their wardrobe?

You can explore URA's collections here.

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