From Opulent To Minimal: Homegrown Brands Crafting Rugs For Every Aesthetic

L: Jaipur Rugs 
R: Origin One X Kaati
L: Jaipur Rugs R: Origin One X KaatiL: Jaipur Rugs R: Origin One X Kaati

Whether you talk to an interior designer or deep dive into decor articles, there is an indisputable décor adage - the right area rug or carpet can make or break a room. The right size, color, and style of rugs can elevate your space. While there are a million options when you’re shopping for rugs (thanks Amazon), there is something to be said about choosing unique pieces, of the highest quality. A piece of décor that essentially forms the center of your living space and draws a lot of attention, ought to be selected with care and attention. 

The right rugs are items worthy of investment. If you buy those of good quality and design, they will last the test of time, wear, and changing trends. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of Homegrown brands that are creating beautiful, unique rugs that will suit your lifestyle and aesthetic. 

Mishcat Co.

Working with a network of artisans and weavers across rural Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, Mishcat Co is a boutique design house from New Delhi that treats carpets as their canvas. Founded by Ishrat Sahgal, the brand uses upcycled sari silk scraps to create one-of-a-kind carpets. The brand looks at the hand-knotted carpets as a great beginning point to curate the decor of a room around. You can read more about the brand in this in depth feature on them. 

Jaipur Rugs

Jaipur Rugs is an esteemed carpet brand of global renown. This list would be incomplete without mentioning the work done by this brand in taking Indian craftsmanship in the field of carpet weaving to the world and in collaborating with renowned designers to create unique designs. From Ashiesh Anand’s painting-inspired rugs that capture humankind’s fascination with cosmic relevance to photographer and sculptor Lorenzo Vitturis’ Jugalbandi collection of tapestries, their collections have something for everyone. 

Tissage Rugs

Tissage Rugs is the latest rendition of a fourth-generation family firm that has been handcrafting luxurious, well-designed carpets. In diversifying into Tissage, the brand is offering a contemporary take on traditional hand-knotted rugs, inspired by abstract art. Tissage still employs age-old techniques and a myriad of blends such as wool, silk, linen, cashmere, and more, to create their fine pieces. 

Cocoon Fine Rugs

Founded in 2009, Cocoon fine rugs has garnered many accolades in a short time, for their interpretations of classic Persian rugs that are made from the finest of materials such as pure silk and wool. In addition to their signature collection that is inspired by the founder’s travel and experiences, they also collaborate with leading interior designers and fashion houses. 

Origin One X Kaati

The collaborative designs from lifestyle brand Origin One and the celebrated rug brand Kaati is a modern, unique collection. Origin One offers a fresh contemporary take on all their lifestyle products - from stationery to kitchen essentials. With a history that dates back to 1928, Kaati is a brand that creates bespoke rugs out of Bhadohi, UP, the Carpet City of India. From handmade sketches to the final product, this collection is a beautiful collaboration of modern design with heritage weaving techniques. You can read more about this collection in this in depth feature.

Humming Haus

Offering something for everyone, Humming Haus is a brand that offers everything from Hand Woven Hemp Rugs at affordable rates to even the option of creating custom rugs that suit your aesthetics and budget. Based out of Mirzapur, UP which was founded in 1957 prides themselves on acquiring raw materials from the best sources and employing traditional techniques of production for the best possible finish. 

Handcrafted Tufted Rugs

While talking about rugs, it’s necessary to talk about the rise of smaller businesses that are handcrafting rugs and carpets. From designs inspired by cartoons and emojis to their abstract art, there is 'a growing sea of next-generation artists’ employing the technique of tufting to create unique pieces for your home. You can read more about three of the brands that captured our eyes, in this dedicated feature

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