Homegrown Brands Are Sustainably & Authentically Redefining Quiet Luxury In India

Homegrown labels who are exemplifying and re-contextualising quiet luxury.
Homegrown labels who are exemplifying and re-contextualising quiet luxury. L: URA R: Ura Maku

Quiet luxury is a movement that prioritises quality and craftsmanship over flashy logos and mass production. It embraces a more understated approach to fashion, with a focus on timeless pieces that are designed to last. In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards homegrown Indian brands that embody this philosophy, reimagining what luxury means in the Indian context. These brands prioritise sustainable and ethical production methods, often using locally sourced materials and working with traditional artisans to create unique and high-quality pieces. Here are some Homegrown labels who are exemplifying and re-contextualising quiet luxury.

Ura Maku

Ura Maku is a fashion brand that embodies the essence of quiet luxury in India. Timeless yet fashion-forward, Ura Maku has made a mark for itself with its classic silhouettes and impeccable tailoring, found in its signature power suits. The brand was founded by Manjushree Saikia, who hails from the valleys of Assam. Her deeply-ingrained cultural roots and familiarity with Assamese textiles led her to use fabrics handwoven by North Eastern artisans and thereby spotlighting the local craftsmanship. Ura Maku’s style philosophies are rooted in rejecting micro-trends that plague the fashion industry, and embracing a multi-generational life life span. With a special emphasis on tailoring, texture and proportions, Ura Maku embodies quiet luxury that is built to last.

Ura Maku's power suit
Ura Maku's power suitUra Maku

November Noon

November Noon stands out as a prime example of Indian quiet luxury with its unwavering commitment to sustainability and authenticity, offering a refreshing break from the seasonal fashion fads. The brand's fabrics are locally handwoven by Indian artisans, ensuring sustainability and making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking timeless pieces with streamlined silhouettes. With a focus on the reinvention of craft-based high living, November Noon's designs are a true embodiment of the brand's philosophy.

Some standout pieces from the brand are its pieces made with Benarasi silk, woven by the finest artisans of the area.

Benarasi silk jacket.
Benarasi silk jacket.November Noon


Lovebirds oozes refinement on all levels. Founded by Gursi Singh and Amrita Khanna, this womenswear brand is ethos-driven. Its clothes are symbolic of ‘stealth wealth’- its subtle and mature sensibilities are never undercut by its functionality and playfulness. Inspired by the clean lines and seamless proportions in menswear, Lovebirds borrows staples found in every man’s wardrobe and tailors them to elegant perfection. 

The brand redefines sophistication and femininity, and does so quietly.

Clean silhouettes in quiet luxury.
Clean silhouettes in quiet luxury.Lovebirds.

Nappa Dori

The brand Nappa Dori crafts the finest assortment of travel equipment, trunks, accessories and stationery, but its bags is where all the magic of quiet luxury transpires. Its name translates to ‘leather and thread’ which summarises its minimalistic aesthetic vision concisely. Taking a cue from Indian heritage and blending it with contemporary designs, Nappa Dori’s sleek appeal is easy on the eyes and exudes glamour. 

The craftsmanship features clean lines with sharp details that are made to impress, and its neutral colours make for the most quiet yet confident bags.

Nappa Dori's chic bags.
Nappa Dori's chic bags.Nappa Dori


Cord's approach to fashion is rooted in the idea of elevated basics that evoke a sense of nostalgia. Rather than following seasonal trends, Cord launches only two main collections annually, encouraging timeless and classic designs that endure beyond trends.

Cord's products are designed to be adopted by the wearer's personality, offering versatility that allows their garments to be dressed up or down. The brand's mix of contemporary prints and leather accessories aims to age well while retaining its relevance, which proves to be a refreshing alternative to fast fashion trends.

Cord's blazer-skirt coords.
Cord's blazer-skirt coords.Cord


It's rare to find sartorial indulgences that maintain a high standard while pouring back into the environment, but 11.11 does just that. They employ a range of heritage techniques such as hand spinning, hand loom weaving, miniature tie-dyeing, hand painting and quilting. The relaxed silhouettes offered by 11.11 are soft to the touch and consciously crafted.  

11.11 / eleven eleven uses natural, indigenous ingredients in their dyes that are safe for the skin and the planet. Once the dye can be disposed of, the nitrogen-rich water and organic matter are used as fertilisers for local crops.



URA is a label that has become synonymous with the understated elegance of quiet luxury. The brand's structured silhouettes and neutral tones create pieces that transcend seasonal appeal and offer effortless grace that can be worn every day. URA's earthy colour palette for their staple pieces reflects the brand's focus on luxury that is grounded in practicality and comfort.URA's attention to detail is evident in its sharp yet cosy designs, which feature minute yet significant details that elevate the sense of quiet luxury.

Standout pieces from URA include its Ted Scarf Coat, a versatile piece that doubles as a scarf and a coat, perfect for the Indian winter. The brand's blazers, shaped like an hourglass and infused with modern sensibilities, are another example of URA's commitment to timeless yet contemporary design.

Scarf Coat
Scarf CoatURA

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