A Homegrown Brand Crafting Upcycled Clothing Using Discarded Denim & Fabric Scraps


A brand that started as a personal project upcycling old denim jackets, Fringe by Tianna Khambatta, is taking an unconventional route to fashion. They craft clothing that centres around self expression and diversity of style instead of uniformity. The goal is to take unique elements from someone's life and capture the eccentricities in their personality through special design and patterns.

In the process creating something the wearer resonated with by talking in detail with the clients about their likings. She learns about what films, quotes, colours, artists, shapes and styles stand out for them personally. Through these conversations she is able to capture the essence of the wearer in their jacket.

"For me, to 'fringe' something is to create something extraordinary out of something entirely ordinary."

Tianna Khambatta

Tianna has been upcycling since a very young age in order to make dresses for her dolls, by using scrap fabric and picking up pieces from her grandma’s beads and buttons collection. Currently she enjoys transforming a customer’s torn/ stained/ boring old pieces, into lifegiving pieces that reflect optimism and creativity. Beyond using recycled denim, she also reuses materials, hence staying away from fast fashion.

This not only ensures an excellent quality for each garment but also helps contribute towards a more sustainable and conscious future. At a time when most young individuals are wanting to break away from an ongoing cycle of consumption, fringe is making affordable and truly unique items to suit their likings. Furthermore the brand also incorporates sustainable materials in the creation of their packaging. 

Explore their collection here.

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