A Homegrown Brand Led By Female Artisans Is Advocating For A Slow & Conscious Lifestyle

Sirohi Sirohi

A sustainable luxury brand that advocates a slow and simple lifestyle based on values of Indian heritage and culture, Sirohi works closely with over 250 women artisans from villages all over Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. Their home & lifestyle products are handwoven by skilled women artisans with an aim to bring the beauty of the outdoors into our spaces of comfort.

The brand began their work with only one woman, at a time when everyone else refused to participate. In the rural communities of Muzaffarnagar, women are discouraged to work outside their homes. Yet, Gauhar Fatma, their first woman weaver took the big step towards working with them and soon, many more joined. 

Sirohi’s mission is twofold, to create more employment opportunities for women and to contribute to a circular economy by using only sustainable materials or reusing waste materials in our products. In this way, the brand is hoping to support Mother Earth and all her citizens in leading a sustainable and empowered life!

“We are fuelled by very powerful stories of skilled women artisans who have broken barriers.”

Gauri (Gopal) Malik, Founder & Director

All along the founder Gauri Malik had been clear that she did not want to run a charity. After all, she wanted to create something that was sustainable – both financially and otherwise. From a customer viewpoint, she realizes the need for an exquisitely-crafted product, with standout designs and flawless finishes. To ensure sustainability, their raw materials – which are currently sourced from villages near Muzaffarnagar are made from plastics and discarded textiles. 

Sirohi is a social-impact venture that stands on its own; they intend to expand the number of craft clusters they work with and in the process hope to spread India’s gift of rich craftsmanship and unmatched artistry. You can explore their collections here