A Homegrown Brand Is Using Hemp To Craft Conscious & Sustainable Clothing

Calling products are focused on materials and design
Calling products are focused on materials and designCalling

“We truly believe that there is a better way to live and we won’t give up until we get there.”

The fashion industry is responsible for causing immense pollution and the only way to turn it around is to switch to an approach that is less damaging and more responsible in order to reduce environmental impact. Homegrown label 'Calling' is in pursuit of a lifestyle that is meaningful and aware. It comes from the understanding that the choices we make, our daily actions and habits, even the seemingly insignificant ones, have an impact. They define not just our lives, but something larger — the life of the planet.

Their products are focused on materials and design. The goal is to raise awareness about the amazing benefits of hemp and why it is a great material to use. It is one of the most sustainable and strongest natural fibres, producing soft and breathable fabrics for humid climates. What makes the fabric truly revolutionary is that it has excellent UPF protection against sun radiation and hence provides additional comfort, especially in a country like India.

They also use other materials that are completely recycled and are committed to sourcing quality materials that will have less impact on the environment. Their terracotta cans made of naturally porous clay tend to cool down water even in hot temperatures, making it a refreshing and satisfying way to quench thirst. The conscious label is striving to find ways to elevate everyday products through the lens of functionality and sustainability. 

You can explore their unique range of products here.

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