The Material Library Of India: Transforming Sustainable Living

The Material Library Of India: Transforming Sustainable Living

Would you fancy a pair of shoes created entirely out of aluminium waste? Or how about a new pair of straight-fit pants created out of discarded industrial gloves? Top it off with a recycled cotton shirt and you have yourself a slick new outfit!

This bizarre scenario that we presented you with is now a living reality, thanks to Noida-based designer and entrepreneur, Shubhi Sachan who also happens to be the brain behind the Material Library of India.

As urban industries and mines continue to churn out billions of tonnes of waste every year, Sachan’s vision urged her to sift through these large dump yards and resuscitate the materials that she discovered.

The statistics are as grim as it gets. An average Indian generates anywhere close to 0.11 kg to 4.54 kg of waste per day, and this number is based on the person’s financial holding in society. The reality simply presents the deplorable fact that Indians who are financially sound are contributing larger amounts of waste than those who are not.

The Reincarnation Collection

Taking these factors into account, Sachan explored further into studying the nature of the materials being discarded and arrived at a rather shocking revelation that a significant majority of these materials can be revived and reused.

Through her experiments and findings in the years that followed, she established a one-of-its-kind archive of waste materials that can be reused for numerous purposes - from household appliances to garments and accessories and more.

Aluminium Waste Shoes

Shubhi’s journey with sustainability and circular economy began after her 6-year stint with the fashion and textile industry as a designer where she discovered the ruthless amounts of waste that was unattended. Sachan’s work currently revolves around channelising post-industrial and agricultural waste into alternative products that are less destructive to landfills and the environment.

The Material Library of India can be viewed as a museum or even a collector’s place of sorts where sample material from malls, film sets, industries, and hospitals are gathered, treated and placed on display.

The space itself is an exciting confluence for creators, budding designers, and sustainable practitioners to participate and embark on their eco-friendly journies.

Image source: Better India

Shubhi’s work with designed fabrics created out of plastic waste is also on display at an ongoing exhibition at the London Design Museum under the theme, ‘Waste Age’. The exhibition is on display till February 2022.

In yet another attempt to further her vision of recycling waste, Shubhi joined forces with Mallika Reddy, designer and founder of Cancelled Plans, a circular fashion brand that creates clothing and accessories out of aluminium, flex, and plastic wastes.

Shubhi’s unrelenting efforts in the circular economy have garnered innumerable awards, titles, and accolades. Beyond this, Shubhi’s Material Library has sparked a sustainable revolution amongst budding designers, artists, and creators whom she now grooms as independent practitioners to create a greener, circular, and cleaner future.

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