A New-Age Homegrown Period Care Brand Promoting Sustainable & Affordable Menstrual Hygiene

A New-Age Homegrown Period Care Brand Promoting Sustainable & Affordable Menstrual Hygiene
Lemme Be

The issue of menstrual hygiene is not handled well within most Indian households due to the myths associated with it. Rather women and young girls are accustomed to shame during this period and this also results in poor management of menstrual hygiene due to a lack of awareness. Forced to manage their periods with cloth based material, young girls around the country struggle with a number of infections and health issues. 

While sanitary napkins are now being accepted within such spaces, they cause immense damage to the environment and are not the safest product in the market. Understanding this struggle, the brand Lemme Be was founded primarily to improve the period care standards in India and across the world. They hoped to promote open conversations around the topic, and to further improve the period care industry.

"Access to menstrual hygiene plays a crucial role in bridging the gap in gender equality. As lack of menstrual hygiene is one of the primary reasons for a majority of drop outs in schools across the country. With menstrual hygiene products, there is also a cost implication, using a pack of sanitary pads each cycle would cost anywhere between ₹40-300 in comparison to using a menstrual cup which will drastically bring the cost down. We want to provide an affordable, safer, and sustainable option through our period care line.”
Devidutta Dash, Founder & CEO of Lemme Be

The brand has launched a truly affordable and 100% made-in-India menstrual cup — the ‘BAEsic Cup’ to make menstrual hygiene products further accessible to everyone. Introducing it at a comparatively affordable price of INR 249, the cup has a life span of 2-3 years. Furthermore, the inclusive size range of Lemme Be’s BAEsic cup is mindfully created and seeks out to improve the general experience of menstruation across the country. 

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