Bengaluru Band 'Juxtaposed' Are Reinterpreting Homegrown Indie Soul & R&B

Bengaluru Band 'Juxtaposed' Are Reinterpreting Homegrown Indie Soul & R&B

Originality reigns supreme. Bands that dare to forge their own path, blending genres and pushing boundaries, are the ones who truly capture our attention. Indie bands often bring a new perspective to the music scene, one that isn't constrained by mainstream trends. They experiment with sounds and styles, creating music that feels genuine and authentic. Moreover, up and coming bands contribute to the overall richness and diversity of the musical landscape, leading to the birth of new genres and subgenres.

Juxtaposed, an up-and-coming band from Bangalore, India, perfectly embodies this spirit. Their music is a fusion of classic soul and R&B grooves, infused with a touch of modern embellishments; creating a sound that is both nostalgic and refreshingly unique.

Jaime Dudley lays down the foundation with his solid drumming, while Joshua Ashish's guitar work adds a layer of melodic brilliance. Joshua Pereira then brings his keyboard to the table; weaving intricate textures into the music. And at the core of it all is Osi Gomango, the bassist who not only holds the rhythm together but also serves as the band's driving force.

The band is a collaborative effort built on the foundation of creating and promoting original music. Their mission extends beyond churning out hit singles; they strive to create narratives, reinterpret experiences, and capture the essence of human connection through their soundscapes.

The band's sound itself is a delightful paradox. Imagine a warm cup of soul music, steeped in the nostalgia of the past, but delicately flavoured with modern production techniques and instrumental flourishes. This juxtaposition, as their name suggests, is a core element of their identity. They describe their music as "funky, groovy, R&B and soul with an old school style and a bit of new school embellishments." This is evident in their three original songs. Their music is their way of reaching out, forging a connection built on shared experiences and emotional resonance.

‘Yeh Dosti’, their first Hindi song includes guest vocalists like Krishna Kalki, and Ramya Kirtana and the addition of saxophone and dholak lend a beautiful ethnic touch to the composition. It delves into the enduring power of friendship and the innocent dreams and childhood aspirations we hold close to ourselves. The lyrics explore themes of youthful infatuation, the simple joys of companionship, and the triumphs we share with our loved ones. It's an ode to the fundamental human wants that transcend cultural, national, and religious boundaries — love, desire, and the freedom to express oneself.

Their debut single, ‘Bounce’, highlights their instrumental prowess. Recorded live in a single take, it's a dynamic conversation between the musicians, showcasing their tight musical bond and their take on what it means to be truly ‘hip’.

My personal favourite song in their still nascent catalogue is ‘September’, which is a love letter to the legendary band Earth, Wind & Fire. Penned during the isolating period of the pandemic, the song serves as a reminder of music's power to uplift and inspire, even in the darkest of times. 

Juxtaposed is a band to watch out for. Their original music is poised to carve a unique niche in the ever-evolving world of homegrown indie music.

Listen to their songs here.

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