Gloss! Is An Indie Band Giving Bollywood Classics An Irresistible Jazz Twist

Gloss!, a Mumbai-based supergroup curated by musician, composer, and producer Ramon Ibrahim, is a collective of India's finest musicians and vocalists, coming together to breathe new life into beloved melodies through their unique and infectious brand of light jazz.

Founded by Ramon Ibrahim, a self-described "huge ska fan", Gloss! isn't afraid to experiment. Their approach goes beyond simply replicating popular Hindi film tunes. They take these well-known songs and reimagine them, infusing them with the smooth improvisational spirit of light jazz. It's a marriage of the familiar and the fresh, a sound that caters to both millennials yearning for a touch of nostalgia and their parents who hold these classic songs dear.

Gloss! promises a live experience unlike any other. Their focus is on raw talent and musicianship, eschewing studio tricks and overdubs in favor of an authentic live performance. Their aim is to take a song the audience knows and loves, and then playfully transplant it into the world of light jazz. Whether it's a mainstream hit or a lesser-known gem, Gloss! approaches each song with the same dedication, creating a genre-bending mixtape that caters to a wide range of musical tastes.

Ramon Ibrahim's passion for music shines through in Gloss!'s vibrant energy. Their live shows are a testament to their love for what they do. The band promises an infectious energy that transcends the stage, creating a fun and engaging experience for audiences anywhere in the world.

While Gloss! primarily focuses on Hindi and English songs from the 90s to the present day, they also sprinkle in a few timeless classics, ensuring their setlists have something for everyone. Their vision is to create the ultimate mixtape, a blend of familiar tunes reinterpreted through the captivating lens of light jazz, a sound that is both innovative and nostalgic.

They aren't afraid to take iconic Bollywood tracks and turn them on their head. Their playful take on A.R. Rahman's "Urvashi Urvashi," originally a fast-paced, energetic song, is a perfect example. Gloss! infuses it with a light jazz twist, transforming it into a smooth and sophisticated number. 

Another interesting reimagining is their version of "Kaisi Paheli" from the movie "Parineeta." Originally sung by Sunidhi Chauhan, the song is known for its melancholic beauty. Gloss! throws a curveball, transforming it into a vintage SKA number. The audience is in for a delightful surprise as the familiar melody gets a complete makeover, complete with upbeat horns and a skanking rhythm section. 

They've also tackled popular dance tracks like "Aaj Ki Raat" from "Don," originally sung by Mahalaxmi Iyer, giving it a whole new flavor with Anjali Sivaraman and Kaprila Keishing sharing vocal duties. Even soulful numbers like "O Humdum Suniyo Re" from "Saathiya" are covered with a playful touch. Their light jazz rendition adds a layer of sophistication to the original, while still retaining the song's emotional core.

So, if you're looking for a fresh take on classic Hindi film songs, delivered with infectious enthusiasm and a touch of jazz magic, then Gloss! is the supergroup for you. Get ready to experience jazzified versions your favorite classic Bollywood songs.

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