#HGMusic: Listen To New Releases From Perp, St. Cyril, & More

The Homegrown Music Round-Up
The Homegrown Music Round-UpL: Perp R: Mutable Mercury

Welcome to Homegrown's New Music Round-Up, the ultimate destination for discovering the week's hottest releases across all genres. Each week, we curate a handpicked and homegrown selection of fresh sounds. This week features bass music, rock and more.

Lost In Track by Mutable Mercury

New Delhi's Mutable Mercury debuts his EP, Lost In Chaos, on Scuffed Recordings. Mukul Juneja, the creative force behind Mutable Mercury, previously introduced his solo project on the London-based Scuffed label in 2022 with Vexation. This three-track EP continues to showcase Mutable Mercury's evolving sound, influenced by electro, techno, and dubstep, emphasizing percussion and bass. The title track kicks off with a high-energy blend of dynamic drum work and staccato vocal chops.

Listen to it below.

Easy Come Easy Go by Perp & Varun Agnihotri

Mumbai-based musicians Perp and Varun's latest single, Easy Come Easy Go, delves into the transitory nature of contemporary life, emphasizing the prevailing culture of instant gratification and novelty. The song takes inspiration from Perp (Urmila Sivadas) and her dating experiences, highlighting the contradiction of love appearing both easily accessible and challengingly elusive in today's world. Released under Robach Music Group, the track's standout feature lies in the lyrical skill of both artists, supported by minimal instrumentation, immersing listeners in a familiar world of modern dating's superficiality and impermanence.

Listen to it below.

Obvious by Micah & HVSH

'Obvious,' the latest release from Indian artists Micah and HVSH, is a remarkable R&B creation that pushes the boundaries of melodic, vocal-driven music in the Indian scene. Produced by HVSH and featuring the talents of Bangalore-based artist Micah Bedford, the track represents a unique addition to India's music landscape, combining soulful melodies and expressive vocals in a way that sets it apart from previous offerings in the genre. This collaboration promises to redefine the R&B experience for Indian listeners and showcases the exceptional talents of Micah and HVSH in delivering a fresh and innovative sound.

Listen to it below.

Summer House by St. Cyril

The rock project St. Cyril by brothers Sarthak and Shashwat Karkare, have just dropped their latest EP, 'The Most Amazing Exhaustion of the Century,' addressing the pressures of modern life. They tackle the constant demand to present an aspirational image, from the people you encounter to the places you visit and the money you spend, leading to a pervasive sense of burnout often overlooked. Each of the three tracks in their debut EP delves into these exhausting aspects. The concluding song, 'Summer House,' metaphorically explores the disconnect of billionaires and powerful figures who project an image of benevolence while prioritizing personal gain and retreat to their 'summer houses,' leaving the world to grapple with the consequences of their actions. This alluring facade is exposed in their music.

Listen to it below.