#HGMusic: Start Your Week With Some New Releases From Rae Mulla, Sijya, and More

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Welcome to Homegrown's New Music Monday, the ultimate destination for discovering the week's hottest releases across all genres. Each Monday, we curate a handpicked and homegrown selection of fresh sounds. This week features indie pop, electronica, alternative hip hop and more!

Knifey Wifey by Rae Mulla, harithelion

Imagine blending Tame Impala's musical sensibilities with Vince Staples' lyrical prowess, and you'll uncover the essence of 'Knifey Wifey.' This alternative hip hop gem by rapper Rae Mulla, produced by harithelion, boasts a meticulously structured yet slightly chaotic production. With an unmatched butter-like flow and magnetic cadence, Rae Mulla effortlessly delivers witty and playful verses about his enigmatic 'knifey wifey.'  Marked by Rae’s conviction and steady approach to offbeat rap, this single is a true standout in the underground hip-hop scene.

Zubaida by Nanku, Natiq

Emerging producer Natiq and musician Nanku, formerly known as Udbhav, join forces to create a full-length project titled 'Naharpur Prints', featuring a flirty indie pop gem named 'Zubaida'. The track is characterized by its rhythmic guitar sample production, which adds to the groove and elevates the overall sound. The guitar arrangements lend an endearing quality to the track, which makes for a compelling backdrop for Nanku's spirited and charming delivery that brings forth the flirty and playful essence of the song. 'Zubaida' showcases Natiq's adept production skills and perfectly complements Nanku's light-hearted vocals.

Haath Vaarthi by KSHMR, MC Stan

KSHMR, the American-born Indian-Kashmiri DJ, musician, and producer, just released his first single titled ‘Haath Varthi’ from his highly anticipated concept album 'Karam' which will be KSHMR’s first venture into the realm of Indian hip-hop. Teaming up with Pune’s hip hop prodigy MC Stan, KSHMR delivers an energetic club-banger that blends Indian instrumentals with a hard-hitting beat. This release marks a significant milestone as KSHMR explores the new sonic territories of Indian hip-hop.

Clear (Rounak Maiti remix) by Sijya 

The talented young prodigy Sijya, hailing from New Delhi, has unveiled a remix compilation titled ‘Young Love’ for her highly acclaimed debut EP 'Young Hate', which was released in 2022. 

Among the standout tracks from the EP, the song 'Clear' has been remixed by Rounak Maiti. The remix takes on a mesmerizing and ethereal quality, incorporating elements of dreaminess, lushness, and atmospheric textures while subtly infusing hints of melancholic keys. Rounak Maiti's production shines through in this electronic-tinged rendition, perfectly complementing Sijya's delicate and tender vocals. If you're looking for a song to accompany you on a late-night drive, ‘Clear’ is a safe bet.

Happy Pill by Merak

Merak is a talented electronica sibling-duo hailing from Goa. They have dedicated their latest EP, titled 'Manic Mode', towards mental health awareness. The EP, released via Boxoutfm Records features the track 'Happy Pill' which serves as the first single.

'Happy Pill' explores the complexities of life beyond the concept of happiness. Inspired by the real-life experiences of individuals struggling with depression, the song aims to shed light on the importance of self-care and prioritizing one's peace of mind. Despite the weighty subject matter, 'Happy Pill' maintains an easy-going vibe that invites listeners to reflect on their own emotional well-being.

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