Homegrown Visual Artists On Our Radar

Homegrown Visual Artists On Our Radar
Eeshani Mitra

There’s no understating the contribution that visual artists across the country make to the homegrown creative economy every single day. From photographers to designers to filmmakers to painters to everyone in between, there’s a bold new wave of creative expression that’s sweeping across the nation and the world. At the vanguard of this wave of visual artists are a select group of rising visual artists; all of whom bring a unique facet of creativity to the fore through their work; combining meticulously honed skillsets, an eye for aesthetic detail and a signature flair that allows their work to truly stand out amongst their peers. Here are Homegrown’s top picks for outstanding visual artists. 

1. Arsh

Arsh is a filmmaker and visual artist whose imagery and cinematography have the ability to capture both a frantic movement and pace of motion as well as soothing serenity that allows you to take in every inch of detail in the visual narratives that they create. Whether they’re capturing concerts, shooting a music video or depicting a moody scene at sunset; their attention to visual aspects such as lighting and contrast is palpable and allows them to tell poignant and visually vibrant stories. 

You can follow Arsh here.

2. Abhishek Gambhir

While fashion photography is becoming a more and more saturated space for creatives, Abhishek Gambhir has used his honed eye for visual detail to carve a unique niche for himself. The subjects he captures are imbibed with an unmistakably dynamic flow, which is able to stand out all the more through Abhishek’s seemingly flawless understanding of lighting, contrast and image composition. His photography goes far beyond just capturing a model and their outfit; it’s about curating an entire aesthetic experience that’s inextricably tied to the clothes in focus. 

You can follow Abhishek here.

3. Anurag Baruah

A photographer and filmmaker by profession, Anurag’s visual art style aims to amalgamate designs that arel argely functional but still experiment with aesthetic detail and form. His ability to juxtapose the subject he’s shooting with the gorgeous expanse of the natural world, gives all of his art a larger-than-life quality that you’d be hard pressed to find amongst his contemporaries. There’s also an effervescent glow across his entire body of work and an inviting warmth that leaves you utterly engrossed in everything he’s trying to show you. 

You can follow Anurag here.

4. Bhavya Pansari

When it comes to capturing form, structure, and ostenstensible photographic still-lifes that exude both mystique and intrigue, there’s few homegrown  photographers that do it better than Bhavya. Each image she captures, tells a story that’s pieced together by her visual sense partnering with each viewers own individual interpretive sense. From sombre, moody interiors to vibrant, light-saturated outdoor scenes, there’s always a sense that everything she does is beckoning you into an imaginative journey like no other.  

You can follow Bhavya here.

5. Nidhi Iyer

As a visual artist, Nidhi’s work amalgamates a keen sense of narrative flow, aesthetic vibrancy, and a larger awareness of key aspects of the current cultural zeitgeist. As an Art Director at Homegrown, there’s an authoritative finality to every project she collaborates on and an unmatched visual style that gives the campaigns she’s a part of a look and feel that’s seemingly alt and nonconformist but still delicately straddles the edge of what’s immediately attractive to most audiences. There’s an edgy playfulness to her art that is a welcome imposition on the identity of every brand she works with, whether it’s experiences for brands such as Bacardi, Visual Identity design for Power Horse/Dewars, ad films for Adidas or everything else she’s undertaken over the course of her career thus far.  

You can follow Nidhi here.

6. Naveli Choyal

Naveli is a photographer, art director and stylist whose work gleams with a rustic vibrancy and transports her audiences to a world where past and present aesthetics are intertwined in a deliciously diverse palette of hues. Whether she’s working on campaigns for homegrown labels or taking breathtaking stills of the Indian countryside, her pictures bring to life the true beauty of South Asian structures and silhouettes and are indicative of her masterful eye for visual detail.

You can follow Naveli here.

7. Eeshani Mitra

With a body of work that’s a sublime pastiche of moodiness and angst, there’s a palpably dark decadence and an ethereal glow to Eeshani Mitra’s photography. Her stills and subjects are interspersed with the beauty of the natural world; incorporating butterflies, flowers, air and water. The visual aesthetics she utilizes has an almost sentient glow and envelopes your senses. While some of her more avante-garde pieces of work might seem alien and strange at first, the more time you spend with them the more you feel and embrace the enveloping warmth of her artistry. 

You can follow Eeshani here.

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