How Indian Designer Simoul Alva Is Expanding The Visual Vernacular Of Our Time

How Indian Designer Simoul Alva Is Expanding The Visual Vernacular Of Our Time
Simoul Alva

Simoul Alva, a visionary artist and design maven, seamlessly weaves the threads of craft, insight, and experimentation, along with her sensitivity to colour, form, and composition, to create a distinctive visual style that captivates the senses. With a dynamic background spanning visual system design, branding, digital design, and art direction, Simoul's creative journey is a tapestry of innovation and ingenuity.

Simoul Alva

Born in Mumbai and currently based out of New York, Simoul Alva stands as a testament to the power of cross-disciplinary expertise. Her footprint in the realm of visual design and art direction can be traced through the corridors of esteemed studios worldwide. Notably, she represented India with pride in Graphic Design at the esteemed Worldskills 2017 and her work extends to an illustrious clientele that includes The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, MIT Technology Review, The Atlantic, Adobe, WIRED, and Wieden+Kennedy.

Sikkim's Tea Spa that imagines tea bags as birds in a steam bath.
Sikkim's Tea Spa that imagines tea bags as birds in a steam bath.Simoul Alva

During her studies at the National Institute of Design, Simoul's packaging design for Sikkim's Tea Spa, that transformed tea into a spa experience for the region's wild birds inspired by the state's vibrant wildlife, garnered recognition as one of the 200 Best Packaging Designs by Lürzer’s Archive. The design. Additionally, Alva's artistic journey extended to the realm of typography, giving rise to the high contrast typeface "Vixen." Characterized by fluid curves and bold shapes, this typeface challenges invisibility, making a bold statement in the world of design.

Brand identity conceptualization and design for Eco
Brand identity conceptualization and design for Eco Simoul Alva

One of her recent projects is a holistic branding endeavour with the conceptual project Eco. This imaginative project envisions a fictional Eco magazine, spotlighting different ecosystems each month to raise awareness about their global significance and the communities they impact. Through these projects, Simoul Alva's creative vision shines as she seamlessly weaves art, design, and storytelling into captivating and impactful narratives.

Simoul Alva

As a beacon of creativity and a trailblazer in her field, Simoul Alva's work transcends the conventional, ushering in a new era where art and design converge to tell stories that resonate deeply. With her finger firmly on the pulse of the contemporary design landscape, and the sensibility to infuse themes of nature, culture, and identity into her creations, Simoul Alva continues to both shape and expand the visual vernacular of our time, one masterpiece at a time.

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