Loose Puppets' New Single Is A Dreamy Sonic Journey Of Isolation & Comfort

TumbleLoose Puppets

In 2016, a dynamic progressive/alternative rock band was born in Chandigarh comprising Vatsal Sotie, the lead vocalist and guitarist, along with Adam Faredie, on the guitar and backing vocals. The idea behind the formation of the band was to seek liberation through music. Vatsal possesses in his arsenal a powerful, versatile voice that brings to mind rock gods such as Robert Plant. His unique vocal texture is also capable of delivering a flavor of raw vulnerability, a common characteristic of his inspirations, Steven Wilson and Thom Yorke. Adam, on the other hand, discovered his love for rock and progressive music as a teenager, growing up in Kashmir. Some of his favorites include the likes of Radiohead, Jack White, and Jimmy Page, who have had a heavy influence on his sound and songwriting. The band started as an experimental venture during their university days and gradually evolved through numerous lineup changes.

The duo is a strong believer in the traditional process of creating music as a group. They embody the philosophy that even though the glorious ’80s and ’90s are long gone, rock is still not dead. The band had been thriving and performing in gigs up until the pandemic halted their progress, but that was, unfortunately, the case for all live performers across the world.

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In 2020, when the dark days of the pandemic were at their peak, the duo created something beautiful amidst those tumultuous times. That year, they released their debut single House on Fire. Even though they were struggling with the new experiences of production and self-doubt, the band overcame all that and managed to record the track, much to their satisfaction. It was released on the summer solstice and streamed on all major platforms. They received positive feedback from listeners, artists, and producers who thoroughly praised the duo’s first attempt. House on Fire starts off with a slow acoustic guitar tone, building up gradually to a heavier progression, that hits the ear’s sweet spot.

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After a couple of years of hibernation, Loose Puppets are back with a bang. On the 21st of June, this year, they released their latest single Tumble. Even before listening to the song, the first thing that struck me was the visually stunning cover art by Hannah Esteves. While adhering to the prog-rock style, the song’s treatment is slightly different from their debut single. The vocals are refined and packed with emotions that do justice to the fiery lyrics. The electric guitar accompanying the vocals breathes complex chord changes and tactful improvisations that flow seamlessly. You can tell that the duo are synergetically connected and their labor of love is this song.

Lyrics of 'Tumble'
Lyrics of 'Tumble'Loose Puppets
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The song is inspired by the lockdown period where we were locked around a particular space like a room. As we were spending most of our time there, it became symbolic of our struggles but also a comfort space, at the same time. The song may feel like a shift between dreaming, and being awake or oscillating between the two — like losing your mind in a train of thought that starts towards a destination, determined to solve a puzzle, but eventually feels like just running forever without purpose and finding comfort in that. The line "Tumbling in and out" is a nod to that feeling of moving between those states of mind, and being. Although the song was inspired by the lockdown, it can reflect any point in time when we are conflicted between struggle and comfort.

Loose Puppets, on the inspiration behind the track 'Tumble'

After the success of their latest track, Loose Puppets are already working on their new EP. Like many listeners, I will be waiting with bated breath to listen to their upcoming track.

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Tumble is streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. You can listen to the song below.

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