Ishani Das' Photoseries Illustrates A Tale Of Self-Acceptance & Healing

‘A Stream of Melancholy’ drives home the narrative of self care.
‘A Stream of Melancholy’ drives home the narrative of self care.Ishani Das

The human experience is not limited to the outward spectacle that thrives offof admiration and acceptance from others. It instead is a life-long journey of making space for our insecurities and in the process growing from them. Professional cinematographer Ishani Das translates this journey through the use of a photoseries that invites viewers to visually inspect and empathise via imagery. Blue hydrangeas in Japan are typically associated with heartfelt emotion, understanding, and apology. Their presence invokes a sensory experience and Ishani utilises them to understand and forgive her own inner self. 

The self portraiture showcases her growing comfort, an acceptance of all emotions, irrespective of however ‘wrong’ they feel. Ishani has always shot images of herself as this journey of capturing the self as a subject has helped her find confidence buried under multiple layers of insecurities. This photoseries embodies that journey through intimate shots that linger onto the physical form while simultaneously inviting the viewer in for a more personal introspection.

Ishani revealed that she bought these flowers due to their close links to her own memories of travel, bringing back the ecstatic feelings of wonder. As they withered quickly, she had to provide them with adequate water and care, requiring her to break away from her own dark mind space at the time. The series communicates a deeper message, illustrating how we are often able to care and provide for others in times of great discomfort, but struggle to do so for ourselves.

This series — ‘A Stream of Melancholy’, drives home the narrative of self care but not at a superficial level. It highlights the need to look inwards and embrace our own insecurities in order to heal from them. For Ishani, It provides her immense joy and a unique sense of power in framing such narratives around herself and in the process she makes space for us to do so in our lives as well. 

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