‘Kabhi Mein Kabhi Tum’: AUR’s Latest Release Is A 90s-Drenched Journey Of Love & Loss

'AUR', a name that vibrates with the combined energy of Usama Ali, Ahad Khan, and Raffey Anwar, is not only a musical trio: it's a culmination of childhood dreams brought to life. Their story begins with Usama and Ahad, teenage friends bonded by a love for poetry and the power of song. Their creative alliance found its missing piece when producer Raffey Anwar joined the fold and solidified their sound with his prowess.

Their music seamlessly combines R&B's soulful essence with the raw energy of hip-hop. This fusion has resonated with a global audience and its electricity is evident in the meteoric rise of their breakout hit, ‘Tu Hai Kahan’. With over millions of views on YouTube, the song catapulted them onto the international stage, catching the eye of none other than music icon Zayn Malik. This high-profile collaboration further cemented AUR's place in the music industry.

But ‘Tu Hai Kahan’ was only the beginning. AUR followed this success with a string of hits. Each track stoof on its own feet and proved their versatility and ability to connect with listeners. From the melancholic beauty of ‘Dooriyan’ to the electrifying collaboration with Taimour Baig on ‘Chehre’, each track showcases their range. 

AUR’s latest release, ‘Kabhi Mein Kabhi Tum’,  transports listeners to a nostalgic era with its retro aesthetic and heartfelt lyrics. The music video, drenched in a distinctly 90s aesthetic, captures a time that many might not have experienced firsthand but still feel intimately connected to. The track is a masterful blend of old-school charm and contemporary sensibilities.

The lyrics are a poetic exploration of love, longing, and the timeless dance between connection and separation. Usama Ali’s verses paint vivid pictures of wandering the streets with a loved one; capturing the essence of fleeting moments that linger in memory. Ahad Khan’s contributions add depth and introspection; illustrating the struggle of holding onto dreams and the complexities of unrequited love.

With their undeniable talent and dedication, AUR is poised for continued success. Their ability to blend genres and connect with listeners on a profound level sets them apart in the ever-evolving music landscape. As they continue to create and share their art, one thing is clear: AUR is a band to watch.