Karan Kumar’s Hot Wheels-Inspired Typeface Blends Nostalgia With Linguistic Expression

ChicaneKaran Kumar

Fonts are often conceived as a reflection of the myriad influences that envelop our sensory experience. Alluding to the visual language of different eras and aesthetics, language and lettering have always had a connection to our other forms of perception. 'Chicane', a typeface by NY-based designer Karan Kumar stands as his pièce de résistance within similar a ethos, transcending mere letters to embrace the contours of speed and thrill, mirroring the undulating twists and turns of a race track.

As an avant-garde foray into the fusion of form and function, Chicane's genesis was rooted in the nostalgia & 'buildability' that Karan noticed in a Hot Wheels set. "A lot of traditional type designers created typefaces inspired by things they saw around them, etched type on gravestones, hand-painted sign-paintings, calligraphy on archival paper and so on," explains Karan. "As someone who is not a trained typographer, I was leaning towards the things that inspired me the most and for this project my obsession with the world of Hotwheels became the perfect vessel. I found the process of writing (to me a linear sequencing of symbols) to be very similar to how the hotwheels racetracks are built, a strategic placement of tracks, loops, ramps and pit stops that transported a toy car from point A to point B. Enter the lexicon of Chicane, and you find yourself navigating not just the syntax of sentences, but the sinuous curves of the racetrack that materializes from the pulse of your thoughts. Each metaphor is a chicane; a deliberate deviation from the straight path, adding complexity and beauty to the linguistic landscape of operating a keyboard."

ChicaneKaran Kumar

He further shares, "I think language has a unique ability to provide world building and story telling opportunities unique to the person using it. Chicane is many ways does the same. It allows you to build any sort of race track as long as you know how the rules of the language function. In the evocative realm of Chicane, where language becomes the architect of realities, a writer is granted the power to weave the intricate tapestry of race tracks through the alchemy of linguistic expression. It is a world where the cadence of words and the syntax of sentences blend seamlessly with the twists and turns of asphalt, creating a symphony of narrative that resonates with the elegance of a well-designed circuit."

Chicane unfurls as a dynamic symphony of design elements, offering users the unprecedented ability to construct their own typographic race circuits. Its ingenious incorporation of surprising ligatures, contextual alternates, and a network of ramps, bridges, and tracks ushers in an era of intuitive control in construction. What sets Chicane apart is its audacious departure from conventional type technology that redefines the boundaries without unsettling the familiar terrain of traditional design.

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