Prateek Arora's Latest AI Art Series Imagines A World Of Amphibious Auto Rickshaws

Amphibious Auto Rickshaws
Amphibious Auto Rickshaws Prateek Arora

Thanks to artificial intelligence, gone are the days when you had to undergo years of art school or formalist art training to create visually stunning masterpieces. Steeping away from debating whether that’s a good thing or a bad, we must acknowledge that it is the latest game-changing thing to have happened to art and it is only going to evolve more in the future. The incorporation of AI in art is an important milestone in the history of art. While many purists have argued that AI art is not “real art”, there is no denying that AI has made art more democratic and accessible.

What fascinates me the most about AI art is the power of language. Communication, via prompts, is at the core of creating AI art and bringing to life what’s been sleeping in our imagination. Imagination is the greatest graphic chip to ever exist and through language, AI has now given us the power to unleash that imagination on a digital canvas. And who wields language better than a writer? It is this particular aspect that impresses me most while exploring Prateek Arora’s AI art. Prateek is first and foremost a screenwriter and digital creator and it is language that enables him to generate new fictional worlds and alternative realities.

Amphibious Auto Rickshaws
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Now, this is the stuff of sci-fi brought to life. How many of us have not imagined a means of transportation that is viable on both land and water? I know, as a child, I have but back then there was no AI art. The closest to reality I could find an object such as this was in the pages of an Issac Asimov novel or in Satyajit Ray’s stories of Professor Shanku. What I like particularly about this series is Prateek’s choice of subject. By making autorickshaws his subject, he has captured the attention of Indians and by extension, a South Asian audience as they can thoroughly relate to it. Even in his myriad of dystopic worlds, one finds Indian representations, which convey an illusion to us that all of this is possible in a not-so-distant future. Also, with the monsoon floods sweeping through the heart of North India, this year, wouldn’t an amphibious rickshaw be a heaven-sent invention?

About the creator:

From his roots as a street photographer in Delhi to his current foray into AI image-making, Prateek's work reflects the interplay between popular culture, memory and identity. Blending technological progress with genre cinema, his creations transcend conventional limits, inviting viewers into enchanting fictional realms. Recognized by renowned publications like Homegrown, Grazia, Designboom, and WePresent, Prateek's mesmerizing visions redefine artistic expression in a world where AI and human creativity converge, unlocking infinite possibilities. At present, Prateek Arora works as a digital creator, screenwriter and VP of Development At BANG BANG Mediacorp.

Amphibious Auto Rickshaws
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