Sassiest: India’s First Doctor-Backed Sexual Wellness & Pleasure Brand

Sassiest: India’s First Doctor-Backed Sexual Wellness & Pleasure Brand

The topic of sexual wellness was not one that called for attention until very recently. The lack of awareness was widespread and in many areas and instances, it still is. There continues to be a looming feeling of fear and judgement around speaking of sex and sexual health and while the history and context of our society may have caused it to be so, the onus is on us to change it.

Sassiest, India’s first doctor-backed sexual wellness and pleasure brand, founded by Aishwarya Dua, aims to do just that. Treating sexual health in a manner that is more holistic than usually spoken of, Sassiest takes into account the mind and spirit of women. As individuals with sexual desires, needs, issues, and more, Indian women have little to no avenues to tend to them.

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The homegrown brand’s products are carefully designed and are thoughtful by way of tending to one’s needs and wants. Sexual wellbeing is an important aspect of overall health, and Sassiest’s products allow women to take ownership of that and shed any shame attached to it. Making intimacy (with oneself, too) easier and more fun, Sassiest hopes you never have to fake orgasms again.

In their mission to normalise all sexual wellness conversations, they also provide a portal for any sexual wellbeing queries. With experts (gynaecologists, sexologists, relationship experts, and more) on board, one can freely reach out and figure the best solution to their issues, all sans judgement!

Image Courtesy: Sassiest

Aishwarya says on their website, “My mission is to make women fall in love with themselves so they lead us to a better future.” The need for such a mission is slightly unfortunate to begin with, but with brands such as Sassiest in India, we will hopefully achieve Aishwarya’s mission soon enough.

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