Somya Lochan's 'Walking On Eggshells' Captures The Liberation Of Creating Art

Walking on Eggshells
Walking on Eggshells Somya Lochan

The notion of creating art for oneself represents a fundamental shift in the way artists approach their craft. It is a departure from the traditional model of art as a product for consumption or commercial gain. It emphasises the intrinsic value of the act of creation, independent of external demands.

On the other hand, it poses a conundrum as there's the desire for the work to be seen and understood but it feels much like the fragility of eggshells, the act of presenting one's art is an act of unveiling; of baring the mind and soul to the world.

Then, embracing this act becomes a sanctuary of autonomy, a space where the act of creating for oneself fosters a profound sense of liberation. It allows artists to explore uncharted territories, take risks, and experiment without the fear of judgment or criticism. This creative autonomy becomes a space of empowerment, a source of self-discovery, and a means to tap into an inner work of an artist. 

Walking on Eggshells began as a personal project, originally meant for my drawing room, mirroring my own emotions at the time. As an artist, presenting your work can feel like opening yourself up completely, exposing your inner thoughts and vulnerabilities.
Somya Lochan
Walking On Eggshells
Walking On EggshellsSomya Lochan

Walking on Eggshells, Somya’s Lochan recent endeavour, is touted as a triumph of self-expression, devoid of external expectations or constraints. The significance of this endeavor lies in its purity, in the untarnished pursuit of artistic expression for its own sake.

With this project, Somya ventures into the complex feeling of putting one's art on display. Considering it to be a revealing act, like standing bare before the world, being at your most vulnerable. It's a delicate dance, a fine balance between the desire for visibility and the fear of being overly exposed - a sensation similar to walking on eggshells.

This project is a humble creation, crafted from everyday materials and straightforward concepts. Yet, upon its completion, I experienced a profound sense of liberation.This act of creating solely for self-expression has proven to be deeply empowering.
Somya Lochan
Using everyday materials and simple concepts
Using everyday materials and simple conceptsSomya Lochan

Crafted from everyday materials and simple concepts, it is a piece of art that emanates raw authenticity. The inclusion of a cup crafted using the Dhokra technique from Bankura, West Bengal, adds a touch of traditional artistry, seamlessly intertwining heritage with personal narrative.

I find that my creative process is largely instinctual, guided by fleeting thoughts, visual impressions, and spontaneous choices. As I continue to explore and understand my own creative journey, I have a penchant for distilling intricate objects into more straightforward philosophies using the language of everyday geometry.
Somya Lochan

Somya Lochan's creative influences often find their roots in observations made from a third-person perspective, or in meticulously constructed thoughts derived from careful analysis of various situations. Moreover, architecture, in particular, exerts a profound influence, leading to an ardent pursuit of its nuances for integration into designs and artworks.

“Observing the narratives unfolding in our daily lives is a constant source of wonder for me. I find that inspiration often arrives in maximalist forms, which I then distill into more minimalist creations. Yet, amid this, I've always held a deep admiration for the artistic work of Nasreen Mohamedi.”
Somya Lochan

Beyond the technical artisanship, the narratives take the most importance because the stories encompass the lives of those involved, cultural subtleties such as reading marketplaces, shopping habits, the moments of tea time, and the conversations that unfold over cups of tea.

Her encounters with the younger generation and elders both have further enriched her creative outcome, providing diverse perspectives that ripple through her work. Through these interactions, she has cultivated a deeper understanding of the intricate play between tradition and innovation, imbuing her creations with a certainity that goes beyond the fleeting trends of the day.

In Walking on Eggshells, Somya Lochan not only creates a tangible piece of art but also generates a deep understanding towards her own artistic identity. Through this project, she unearths the liberation that comes from creating without external expectations; inviting us to contemplate the transformative potential of self-expression in our own creative endeavours.

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