Space Biskit's New Bag Lies At The Intersection Of Art, Design & Regenerative Fashion

The Neuron Object Bag
The Neuron Object BagSpace Biskit

At the intersection of art, design, and fashion, Space Biskit has emerged as creative powerhouses pushing the boundaries of aesthetic expression. Founded by the visionary duo Shruti Biswajit and Harsha Biswajit in 2017, Space Biskit serves as a multi-disciplinary art and design studio. Biskit, on the other hand, is a groundbreaking unisex concept label based in Chennai and Berlin, known for its futuristic aesthetic and a minimalistic, yet functional sense of design. Seamlessly merging art, design, and sustainable fashion, their latest product, the Neuron Object bag, crafted from recycled plastic, exemplifies their commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and sustainability.

Made entirely from recycled plastic, The Neuron Object Bag stands as a symbol of their mission to minimize waste and breathe new life into discarded materials. By collaborating with Samsara The Recycle Company, a pioneering design and manufacturing house that specializes in repurposing waste, with the Precious Plastic Machines, an alternative plastic recycling system where segregated waste is shredded into smaller chips, washed and pressed into sheets, Space Biskit has created a truly sustainable masterpiece.

The Neuron Object Bag
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At first glance, The Neuron Object Bag captivates with its striking appearance. The bag features two meticulously crafted panels that seamlessly come together to form a solid block, a design choice that not only enhances durability but also adds a touch of architectural elegance. The center of the block is then carved out, creating a sense of depth and dimensionality that sets it apart from traditional bag designs.

One of the standout features of The Neuron Object Bag is its raw textured surface. As each bag is entirely handmade, no two pieces are alike. The intricate production process ensures that every bag possesses its own distinct character and charm. This emphasis on individuality resonates with Biskit's vision of celebrating uniqueness and personal expression.

The collaborative effort between Biskit and Samsara The Recycle Company highlights the power of creative partnerships. By leveraging Samsara's expertise in transforming waste materials into valuable resources, Biskit has brought to life a bag that not only makes a bold style statement but also contributes to a sustainable future.

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