St. Cyril's Debut EP Is The Angsty Breath Of Fresh Air Homegrown Indie Rock Needed

The Most Amazing Exhaustion of the Century
The Most Amazing Exhaustion of the CenturySt. Cyril

In the Mumbai independent music scene, musician brother duo Sarthak Karkare (vocalist-guitarist) and Shashwat Karkare (drummer) are no strangers. The Karkare brothers’ love affair with music began in their childhoods, a time of endless jam sessions and headbanging to American punk-rock bands like Green Day and Black Keys. They have made waves in the nation’s independent music scene for more than a decade now as part of the alt-rock trio Unohu. However, a year ago, they felt the need to create another unique creative outlet and that was how St. Cyril was born. St. Cyril burst onto the scene with their debut single Table For Two. Following that, they dropped a few more singles last year but in 2023, they had been dormant up until recently.

On the 25th of August, the sibling duo released their debut EP, The Most Amazing Exhaustion of the Century. It is a compelling three-track release that delves deep into the challenges of modern life that often leave individuals feeling drained and overwhelmed. In a world where the pressure to project an aspirational lifestyle has become the norm, St. Cyril's EP tackles these exhausting societal expectations head-on. The EP's three tracks each address a different facet of exhaustion that has become a grueling part and parcel of the contemporary urban lifestyle. Exhilarating guitar riffs, hard-hitting basslines, heavy drums and thought-provoking lyrics — it has it all.

The EP kicks off with the lively and light-hearted track, Just A Guy. This song sheds light on the relentless pressures of social media and its ever-invasive presence in every aspect of our existence. In a world where everyone strives to curate the perfect online persona, Just A Guy highlights the exhaustion that comes with constantly living up to these digital expectations.

The Most Amazing Exhaustion of the Century
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Moving on to the second track, Bacchic Ways, St. Cyril offers a groovy mid-tempo exploration of the disconnect between the idealized fun nights out and the harsh reality of how exhausting and unhealthy such a lifestyle can be. With a titular reference to the Roman God of wine and revelry, the song confronts the illusion of jot that perpetual partying brings forth, ultimately unmasking the toll it takes on one's well-being.

The EP culminates with the thought-provoking track, Summer House. This song is an allegory for the apathy exhibited by billionaires and people in positions of power. While they may present themselves as champions of the greater good, the reality often reflects self-interest and a desire to escape to their secluded "summer houses" while the world grapples with the metaphorical "cold winter" of their actions. St. Cyril exposes this alluring projection for what it truly is — a facade that masks a deep-rooted sense of detachment from societal issues.

The Most Amazing Exhaustion of the Century
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Through The Most Amazing Exhaustion of the Century, St. Cyril not only delivers a musically rich and engaging experience but also provides a poignant social commentary on the challenges faced by individuals in the modern world. The EP encourages listeners to reflect on the pressures they face and the exhaustion that can result from the relentless pursuit of an aspirational facade. Like all good art, the EP not only entertains but also sparks important conversations about the existential challenges of modernity.

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