They Become Home: A Homegrown Photoseries Defies The Dogma Of Heteronormative Unions

They Become Home
They Become HomeNaina Kumar

There is beauty in embracing another due to the love for their inner being and while most of us view any union as the meeting of physical beings, in reality it is a sacred union of their travelled souls. Bringing this concept to life, creative director and stylist Naina Kumar conceptualised a photo series that celebrates the magic of masculine and feminine energies present in each one of us. Titled ‘They Become Home’, it captures the tender love blossoming between two beings who are not limited by worldly trappings, instead honour the inner reality in one another. 

India being the land that birthed the concept of Ardhanareshwara, celebrating Shiv-Shakti, a physical manifestation of the shared powers of masculine and feminine energies, provides the basis for the idea. The multi-layered photo series celebrates the celestial union between these energies that are embraced on shedding the earthly bodies; validating the relationships that mimic this union and showcasing them through ethereal visuals inspired by Indian traditions.

They Become Home
They Become HomeNaina Kumar

The captivating imagery showcases traditional marital practices in a new light by utilising backdrops and visuals that remain beyond reach for a love that dares to oppose heteronormativity. Hence, the series further emphasising the idea that love and companionship flow beyond physical bodies and can blossom between individuals who embody complementary energies. The prominence of auspicious flowers, alta and a tender relationship draws us in to enquire about traditions through the lens of queerness. All of this is emphasized beautifully by juxtaposing scenes of a marriage with a budding romance between individuals embracing their masculine and feminine energies. 

Creative Director, Stylist & Concept: Naina Kumar

Feminine Groom (Model): Vedant Rao

Masculine Groom (Model): Ishan Matkar

Makeup & Hair: Dellsi Mody

Photography: Ajay Dhoke

Location Courtesy: Dellsi Mody

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