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This Week In CultureL: Dring, R: Gully Labs

This Week In Culture: A Malabari Banger, Drinking Games, & More

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Dewar's Stay Curious
Dewar's Stay Curious L: Bahaar Rohatgi R: Aniruddh Mehta & Myles Periera

Dewar's ‘Stay Curious’ To Launch In New Delhi

Following city-wide launches in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru, Dewar's 'Stay Curious' travelling show is now due for a memorable shindig in New Delhi on 21st October (Saturday) at STIR Gallery. On their itinerary is a melange of immersive experiences like an electronica jazz performance by Rajkanwar Sodhi and Chie Nishikori, a sci-fi audio visual exhibit by Aniruddh Mehta & Myles Periera, an aerial installation depicting Benarasi textiles, an interactive art show and a mixology workshop to round off the evening. This is bound to be a multi-sensorial phenomenon, where boundaries will cease to exist and exploration will know no limits.

You can book your tickets here.


'Malabari Banger' Is An Indie Malayali Hip-Hop Track For The Ages

From the makers of the acclaimed ear worm Manavalan Thug, comes a madcap tune that's blowing up all over homegrown social media recently. Don't be fooled by the infectious beats because Malabari Banger is a culturally nuanced creation by artists MHR, Dabzee, Joker and SA that weaves together Mappillapattu's melodic motifs from the Malabar region of Kerala with an undertone of contemporary influences.

You can read more about the artist here.


Dring's array of games is tailored to infuse energy and excitement into any gathering.
Dring's array of games is tailored to infuse energy and excitement into any gathering.Dring

Dring's Ultimate Drinking Games Will Level Up Your House Party

Straying from the common fare of 'Never-Have-I-Ever' and 'spin the bottle', an Indian brand called Dring is filling in the vacuum for offbeat ways to reinvigorate your boozy nights with ingenious drinking games like Dialogue Baazi and Dramadol. Designed to inspire lively debates and unforgettable banter, offerings like Majority Minority and The Ultimate Drinking Game will keep the momentum of your kiki going well into the wee hours.

You can follow Dring here.

Collector Boxes From Kulture Shop
Collector Boxes From Kulture ShopKulture Shop

Kulture Shop Unravels Cutting Edge Graphic Prints In Collector Boxes

Inviting you on a visual odyssey through illustrations from Indian designers and digital artists, Kulture Shop is releasing meticulously curated catalogues providing reimagined snapshots of India's people, rituals and places. Shipping out these portraits starting on the 20th October, the collections in stock comprise these themes: Fusion, Culture, People, Design, and Nature. Bound to be impressive coffee table must-haves and zany conversation starters, these prints are for the art enthusiasts in the house.

You can secure your pre-order here.


Bandra Born Begins Its Culinary Journey In Mumbai

From the culinary minds behind the bespoke European diner Salt Water Cafe, Bandra Born has opened as a 12 week pop-up on Chapel Road in Bandra, Mumbai. "Each dish carries a story, a piece of my heart and a flavour that matters deeply to me," seasoned chef and fine dining connoisseur Gresham Fernandes explains. Evoking flavours from his 23 years of professional gastronomy, Chef Fernandes can't wait to whip up highly technical dishes that promise to intrigue the fickle palates of today.

Find out more here.


Homegrown sneaker brands beating their global counterparts to the punch.
Homegrown sneaker brands beating their global counterparts to the punch.L: Gully Labs, R: Comet

Leading Sneaker Brands On The Homegrown Radar In 2023

Imbibing subcontinental narratives and unconventional design languages, Indian street culture has carved out a niche with its diverse array of sneaker brands that are shaking up the humdrum monotony of tried-and-tested footwear. Labels like Gully Labs and Comet are experimenting with vibrant laces, inventive silhouettes and pop culture motifs forging the way forward for the global sneaker landscape as a whole.

You can read more about these brands here.

'Shifting Shadows' is an interplay of forms and sculptures.
'Shifting Shadows' is an interplay of forms and sculptures.Lovebirds

Lovebirds Intersects Art & Couture With Their Dynamic Lineup

Shifting Shadows is not just a fashion collection but a rousing exploration of body forms and moving sculptures. Spearheaded by artist Gia Singh Arora, the brand's archetypal structured silhouettes and radiant colours are also available now in menswear, while staying rooted in feminine elegance. Capturing the fluidity of the human anatomy in motion, their gingham silk and taffeta patchwork accentuated with clean lines and refined proportions will imbue an understated charm to your wardrobe.

You can follow Lovebirds here.


Aequo's extensive collaboration with artisans & designers for every collection.
Aequo's extensive collaboration with artisans & designers for every collection.Aequo

Gallery Aequo Blends Functionality & Design In Collector's Items

Founded in 2022, Aequo produces and holds space for collectible handmade objects that are redefining Indian crafts for the global market. Located in Colaba (Mumbai), the gallery's extensive network of artisans collaborate with designers to sculpt functional pieces that merge tradition and innovation seamlessly. Recently, the Prize for Contemporary Design at PAD Paris 2023 was conferred upon Valériane Lazard for the Ajanta Daybed, a testament to the gallery's litany of exquisite workmanship.

You can find out more about Aequo here.

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