This Week In Culture: Casa Bacardi Comes To Delhi, Homegrown Disaster Films, & More

This Week In Culture
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Casa Bacardi
Casa BacardiBacardi

Casa Bacardi In Delhi This Saturday

Casa Bacardi is a unique experiential festival making its debut in Delhi, known as 'The House of Moods.' This vibrant event celebrates the Caribbean heritage of Bacardi through an immersive blend of music, dance, arts, fashion, food, and mixology. The Casa Bacardi House of Moods promises to be a curated festival that showcases diverse forms of self-expression within immersive spaces. Held at 1AQ in Mehrauli over a six-hour period, attendees can anticipate music performances, dance and mixology workshops, along with exciting fashion pop-ups, all aimed at capturing an eternally tropical, summer state of mind.

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Signal W's Psychedelic Indie Rock & Dream-Pop Album

Signal W's latest album, Wonder How We Got Here, is a refreshing new body of work reflecting the spirit of contemporary indie music scene. This Goa-based band explores a dynamic fusion of genres, from disco's infectious rhythms to the sultry vibes of RnB, the raw energy of rock, and the dreamy allure of dream pop. This album is a vibrant and emotionally charged musical journey that skillfully combines these genres, offering listeners a captivating experience that mirrors the highs and lows of life.

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Homegrown disaster films.
Homegrown disaster films.L: IMDB, R: The Hindu

Homegrown Disaster Movies

Apocalyptic genres in movies hold a special allure because they give us a chance to experience something colossal and challenge us to contemplate our survival strategies, breaking the monotony of our daily lives. These films offer a thrilling escape from routine as they immerse us in catastrophic scenarios. Additionally, they shed light on the indomitable human spirit and resilience. Here are five Indian disaster films that encapsulate these elements, promising a captivating and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

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If the Seas Catch Fire
If the Seas Catch FireExperimenter

'If The Seas Catch Fire' By Sakshi Gupta

Sakshi Gupta's debut solo exhibition, 'If the Seas Catch Fire,' at Experimenter Colaba in Mumbai, explores inner disconnection and the perpetual suffering we all experience. Using repurposed industrial materials, her sculptures symbolize the constant cycle of beginnings and endings, vividly conveying the complexities of human experience. These artworks blur the lines between inanimate objects and living beings, offering a broader context for the representation of the self.

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Homegrown Vodka Cocktail Recipes
Homegrown Vodka Cocktail RecipesOpen Drinks, Sinfully Spicy

Indian Flavour-Inspired Vodka Cocktails

Vodka has earned its place as everyone's drink of choice, spanning from Russian oligarchs to teenagers on a night out at the club. While it's commonly associated with quick shots and high energy, vodka also shines in the world of cocktails. Its neutral flavour makes it a perfect canvas for mixing with various ingredients, allowing for a diverse range of cocktails. In this fusion of cultures, we bring you five vodka cocktail recipes inspired by Indian flavors. These cocktails not only showcase the versatility of vodka but also infuse it with the rich and vibrant tastes that have made India's flavours globally ubiquitous.

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Originating from the state of Gujarat, India, Smoothmix is on a mission to revolutionise your sessions.
Originating from the state of Gujarat, India, Smoothmix is on a mission to revolutionise your sessions.Smoothmix

Smoothmix Herbal Rolling Blends

Smoothmix, originating from Gujarat, India, is a herbal alternative catering to rolling enthusiasts seeking a cleaner and smoother experience without the hassles of finding tobacco. It stands out with its versatile nature, designed for mixing and offering a nicotine-free, pure blend of flowers and herbs. This innovative product not only provides a transformative smoking experience but also allows for herbal cigarette use with cotton or carbon filters. With a subtle flavor profile, a THC-free and additive-free composition, Smoothmix ensures a slow, even burn for a more fulfilling session.

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Haati Ghein Taal, Khandyavari Veena
Haati Ghein Taal, Khandyavari VeenaCreative Yatra

A Workshop On Warikari Music

Delve into the Warkari musical tradition with the 'Haati Ghein Taal, Khandyavari Veena' workshop in Mumbai. Led by Shruthi Vishwanath, this two-day program focuses on women mystic voices, teaching participants songs from the Maharashtra-based Warkari tradition. Shruthi, a singer and curator, combines classical and folk elements, sharing her extensive expertise and travel experiences. The workshop will conclude with a performance featuring Shruthi and talented musicians on the tabla and dholak. It's a free program for students, offering a deep dive into the tradition's simplicity, devotion, and emotional depth.

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