This Week In Culture: Homegrown Hot Sauces, A Queer Affirmative Music Video, & More

This Week In Culture: Homegrown Hot Sauces, A Queer Affirmative Music Video, & More
L: Indian Sauce Company R: Two Point Two

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Samesisters, Two Point Two


#HGDrop serves as your entrance to the most recent fashion trends, seamlessly combining creativity, comfort, and self-expression, ensuring you remain in harmony with the constantly changing fashion realm. Check out our meticulously curated selection of the freshest releases from homegrown brands like YAMIN, Polite Society, Samesisters & Two Point Two.

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BeatRoot Co.

BeatRoot Co.

BeatRoot Co is a visionary product design studio, blending the abstract with the familiar to create culturally inspired concepts for both art and commerce. Their products showcase refined geometry and materiality, embodying qualities like craft, restraint, and minimalism. Each item strikes a harmonious balance between artistry and functionality, connecting with global sensibilities while paying tribute to Indian heritage and craftsmanship.

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Far From Over By KR$NA

KR$NA's artistry exudes confidence and experience gained from years in India's hip-hop scene. His latest release, Far From Over, boldly showcases his trademark authenticity and precise flow, reaffirming that he's only at the beginning of his journey. In a recent interview, he discussed his influences, creative process, and future collaborations and aspirations.

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Toke Chhara By Bidishah

The music video for 'Toke Chhara' by Bidishah offers a refreshing perspective on love and longing, from queer perspectives. In an effort to challenge the one-dimensional portrayal of gender and sexuality in mainstream media, the video prominently features drag artist Glorious Luna alongside Bidisha Mohanta, who adopts a masculine identity. This bold visual representation seeks to create space for queer individuals within the pop music landscape and celebrate the diversity of modern love.

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Portrait By Kunal Chowdhury

Set in 1995 Kolkata, Portrait is a short film that delves into the world of Prateek, a seasoned photographer, and his unassuming photo studio. This studio, a legacy from his father, symbolizes the enduring art of visual storytelling. Directed by Kunal Chowdhury, the film explores the profound narratives concealed within faces, where photography goes beyond mere snapshots to capture the essence of emotion and humanity.

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India Sauce Company, Naagin

Hot Sauces On Our Radar

Homegrown's curation features six distinct hot sauces that cater to India's love for spicy flavors. From brands like Naagin, India Sauce Company, Kaatil, Roots Agro, Aamra, and El Diablo, each sauce offers a unique blend of spices, regional tastes, and heat levels. These hot sauces go beyond being mere condiments, delivering a flavor-packed journey that adds an exhilarating kick to your culinary experience, making them essential additions to every Indian pantry.

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On A Limb By Matthew Krishanu

Matthew Krishanu's exhibition On a Limb, curated by George Vasey, explores complex power dynamics and the interplay of memory and imagination. His art merges landscape and portraiture, subtly commenting on power within people and places. The title, 'On a Limb,' symbolizes risk and vulnerability, reflecting Krishanu's exploration of humanity's delicate dance with the natural world, transcending time to reveal the interplay of fragility and strength.

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