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This Week In Culture L: Terracrafts Pottery Workshop R: Nidhi Iyer For Homegrown

This Week In Culture: India Votes, Art That's Saving The Sundarbans, & Much More

Welcome to this week's edition of Homegrown's Culture Bulletin, where we're igniting the passion for civic engagement and democratic fervor. As April heats up, so does the discussion around voting, a cornerstone of our collective voice. From global homegrown fashion collectives to circular Indian brands and soft sculptures to the latest exhibitions and pottery workshops; we're bringing you the latest across India's creative economy.


Marasim Co.

Marasim Co By Nidhi Garg Allen

Marasim Co is a social venture based in New York that acts as a vital bridge between global designers and Indian artisans. This homegrown initiative aims to enrich lives through authentic craftsmanship by connecting traditional Indian craftspeople with designers for sourcing and collaborative projects. Nidhi Garg Allen, a tech professional turned textile and fashion entrepreneur, observed a vaccum of vibrant culture and authentic craftsmanship in cities like New York. Marasim Co. emerged from her vision to bring artisanal talents in India to the global fashion landscape while preserving traditional craft techniques and providing employment opportunities to artisans across India.

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Homegrown Circular Fashion & Lifestyle Brands On Our Radar
Homegrown Circular Fashion & Lifestyle Brands On Our Radar Fringe

Homegrown Circular Brands

As textile waste accumulates and fast fashion continues its destructive path, Earth Day urges us to reconsider our consumption patterns. Amidst this crisis, a silent revolution is underway in the fashion sector. A rising number of local brands are rejecting conventional practices and embracing circularity as their core value. This Earth Day, we spotlighted these forward-thinking brands and leaders in a movement promoting sustainability, creativity, and ethical accountability. Join us as we discover the pioneering world of circular homegrown brands; where fashion and environmental consciousness unite in a crucial effort to safegaurd our planet's future.

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Ecotone Koustabh Chakrabarty

Ecotone By Koustabh Chakrabarty

Koustabh Chakrabarty's ongoing exhibition, 'Ecotone', intersects visual art with environmental activism; reflecting the ethos of the Jaladarsha Collective, where Chakrabarty is a co-founder. The collective focuses on environmental issues in Kolkata's outskirts and West Bengal's villages, including the Sunderbans, through water cleanup drives, organic farming, and by supporting local arts and crafts. 'Ecotone' merges environmental activism with artistic vision; offering a visually captivating narrative of the intricate relationship between humans and nature.

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L: Terracrafts Pottery Workshop R: Slow Pottery Farm

Pottery Workshops In India

Delve into the world of pottery with our comprehensive guide to six exceptional pottery studios scattered across India. Pottery, with its therapeutic allure and creative satisfaction, beckons enthusiasts of all ages and expertise levels. Whether you dream of molding clay into functional mugs or intricate vases, these studios offer immersive experiences in wheel-throwing and hand-building techniques. Discover the joy of sculpting and the artistry of ceramics as we explore these vibrant hubs of artistic expression and craftsmanship.

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Cynicism gets us nowhere.
Cynicism gets us nowhere. Nidhi Iyer for Homegrown

To Vote Or Not To Vote

Growing up in India, many of us are fed the narrative that politics is a murky realm where change seems impossible, leading to a sense of futility about voting. In our latest op-ed, editor Mikhail offers a refreshing perspective that counters this cynicism; highlighting our potential to effect change through civic participation. In the article, he challenges the notion of political stagnation; encouraging us to recognize the transformative power of our votes in shaping a better future for our communities and nation.

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For representational purposes only.
For representational purposes only.Reuters

How To Register For Voting?

And if Mikhail, did indeed change your mind about voting but you don't know where to start, check out Homegrown's step-by-step guide on how to register here.