This Week In Culture: Lamb Of God x Indian Classical, Nutmeg Fruit Preserves, & Much More
L: Sazo R: Planters Treasure

This Week In Culture: Lamb Of God x Indian Classical, Nutmeg Fruit Preserves, & Much More

Are you into yoga? The world just celebrated International Yoga Day this weekend. And when you look at its evolution as a practice from when it started, you can really see a glimpse of where we're headed. It's said to have originated thousands of years ago in the age of the gods themselves and began as a spiritual practice to connect yourself to their consciousness and use it as a means for self-realisation. The yogic way of life was just that; an entire lifestyle, with systems like guru-shishya (student) and a whole life time spent trying to perfect a practice.

Cut to the 21st century where it has come to be associated with a fun weekend thing to do with your friends before brunch. Although it's still rooted in inner peace and connecting to your self, we've made it way more exciting; by incorporating beer, pot, baby goats and puppies into the practice because to be real, sitting by yourself without distractions is a way too daunting for jittery little creatures like us.

But I don't say that with contempt. A highly stimulated mind that constantly battles with the lightening speed information reception in the digital era needs a release of the same calibre. Our goals and life purpose are different from the yogis of the previous centuries. We have generational traumas to heal and unhealthy coping mechanisms to let go of. We have a world that wants us to capitalise on our little hobbies till the joy has completely been sucked out of them. We have multiple streams of income to generate and a whole world to travel before we're 50. This shit isn't easy. We need all the beer and puppies we can get!

So I don't feel an iota of guilt while doing my surya namaskar on a Sunday morning, that I'll probably skip next week because I stayed in bed scrolling for a little too long, and neither should you. I mean discipline is a virtue but you can't tell me it's better than a silly dancing cat edit on Instagram. It's the weekend. Chill out, sleep in, wake up slow, and check out the latest in fashion, food, music and events across contemporary India with the latest edition of the Homegrown Culture Bulletin - best enjoyed with your morning coffee, tea or beer. We don't judge!


Woman wearing white linen coord set from Manan's Perennial collection. Man wearing chequered Kurta from Manan's Madras Modern Collection.
Label Manan

Natural Handicraft Clothes By Manan

Manan has been around for ages (founded in 1992!), making beautiful, high-quality clothes with a focus on natural fabrics and timeless designs. Their Madras Modern collection is particularly cool - it's inspired by classic Madras checks but with a modern twist, featuring soft colours, hand-painted prints, and comfy-loose fits. Whether you're looking for a new summer dress or a kurta that will never go out of style, Manan has something for you.

Check it out here.


Planters Treasure

Exotic Gourmet Products By Planters Treasure

Planters Treasure is a Kerala-based brand making delicious passion fruit and nutmeg products that are anything but ordinary. They use the whole fruit, not just the seeds, to create unique jams and preserves with minimal processing. Founded in 2014, this small business is all about quality and sustainability. Their ingredients are handpicked from high-altitude estates and they even minimize machinery in their production process.

Check it out here.


Stills from the group's Reel on Instagram.
This Indian classical cover of Lamb of God's track underscores the powerful emotive and expressive qualities of both genres.Indian Metal Project

Lamb Of God x Indian Classical

Lamb of God's Laid to Rest gets a totally unexpected makeover with four Indian musicians creating a cover using classical Indian instruments. Arjun Chauhan, Shounok Banerjee, Rohan Prasanna and S. Vignesh mix the band's heavy sound with beautiful melodies and rhythms, creating a unique experience that's both calming and intense.

Check it out here.


Participants will leave the workshop not only with newfound skills but also with a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship and cultural significance of Kannada wood-type printing.
Participants will leave the workshop not only with newfound skills but also with a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship and cultural significance of Kannada wood-type printing.Sign Walker/ Zenblast

The Chromatic Kannada Woodtype Workshop

This workshop is perfect for anyone curious about printing, regardless of experience. You'll learn about the cool history of wood type printing, how to use these special wood pieces to create layouts, and even get to design and print your own creation! It's a fun mix of tradition and innovation, and a great way to appreciate the artistry behind Kannada script and printing. Plus, you'll get to explore the fascinating world of 'Janna,' a special typeface with a rich history. Sign up and get ready to be amazed by the beauty of wood type printing.

Check it out here.


Homegrown Bucket Hat Brands
Homegrown Bucket Hat BrandsSazo

Homegrown Bucket Hat Brands

Bucket hats are back in a big way, and they're not your dad's fishing hat anymore! These versatile accessories come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so you're sure to find one that matches your vibe. From playful embroidery to bold colors, there's a bucket hat out there for everyone. So ditch the boring sun hat and Billie Eilish it up with 4 homegrown brands that offer a diverse range of bucket hat options.

Check them out here.