This Week In Culture: Theatrical Dining, A Caribbean-Themed Festival, & More

This Week In Culture
This Week In Culture L: Prabh Deep R: paChaak Productions

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Prabh Deep's King EP
Prabh Deep's King EPPrabh Deep

Prabh Deep's King EP

Prabh Deep's latest EP, 'The KING Returns', marks a significant artistic resurgence as he reflects on his journey over the past year. Comprising six tracks, including standout pieces like 'Babaji,' 'Ethe Rakh,' and 'Bachpan,' the EP showcases his refined sonic vocabulary and addresses themes of self-worth, loss, and artistic confidence. From the poignant introspection of 'Yadaan' following his father's passing to the celebration of brotherhood in 'Daang' set in his old neighborhood, Prabh Deep's genre-defying impact on Indian music is evident. Read more here.


Attend the Coolkids Print Circus in Mumbai on the 27th of January
Attend the Coolkids Print Circus in Mumbai on the 27th of JanuaryDirty Hands Co

Screenprinting with Dirty Hands Co. At AntiSocial

An upcoming event in Mumbai, the 'Cool Kids Print Circus', organized by the Mumbai Print Club and Dirty Hands Co., offers a unique experience for participants to bring their creative ideas to life by designing personalized merchandise such as t-shirts, tote bags, and posters. Attendees can choose from a vibrant collection of designs or bring their own, making it a hands-on and artistic endeavor. Beyond the printing activities, the event promises a lively atmosphere with tasty food, delicious drinks, and vinyl disco music. The gathering encourages attendees to embrace self-expression and creativity in a shared experience with like-minded individuals. With limited seats available and pre-registration required, it's an opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in a world of art and laughter on January 27 at Antisocial in Mumbai, from 12 pm to 3 pm, for an entry fee of ₹2999. Find out more here.


Drugstore Cowboy, led by designer Kanika Sethi, challenges conventional fashion norms by rejecting trends and mass production
Drugstore Cowboy, led by designer Kanika Sethi, challenges conventional fashion norms by rejecting trends and mass productionDrugstore Cowboy

Drugstore Cowboy

Drugstore Cowboy, led by designer Kanika Sethi, challenges conventional fashion norms by rejecting trends and mass production. The brand offers unique, one-of-a-kind pieces available exclusively on their website, emphasizing spontaneity and humor in design. Categorized into collections like '1 of 1' and 'Summer suggested Fabrics', the brand's focus on exclusivity extends to hand-painted and custom pieces. Their offerings also include utilitarian bags, all made in India with heavy, rust-free materials. Despite being an emerging brand, Drugstore Cowboy has gained a dedicated fan base for its commitment to individuality, quality, and authenticity, with best-sellers like the Cotton-Poly Blue-Beige Illustrated Shirt. Read more here.


Theatrical Dining Experience
Theatrical Dining ExperiencepaChaak Productions

Theatrical Dining Experience

Mumbai's culinary scene is set to embrace a unique experience with 'New India Lodge: Athithi Devo Bhava', an immersive theatrical dining event by paChaak Productions. The event, taking place from January 26 to January 28 at ESBEDA in Mumbai, transports guests to the 1940s, offering a captivating narrative intertwined with a meticulously curated 5-course meal representing various regions of India. This culinary symphony pays homage to the diverse tapestry of Indian cuisine. Encouraging interaction with characters like Bohri and Gujarati tradesmen, Malyali families, and Punjabi brides, the event, written by Shubhra Chatterji and directed by K V Divya Rani, invites guests to become part of the story. Limited seats are available, and guests are advised to wear comfortable shoes for the three flights of stairs at the venue. Find out more here.


JNU Campus Architecture
JNU Campus ArchitectureThe CP Kukreja Foundation for Design Excellence

JNU Campus Architecture

Discover the architectural brilliance of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) at the India Art Fair 2024 through 'The Masterplan' exhibition. Curated by the CP Kukreja Foundation for Design Excellence and artist Vishal Dar, the exhibition commemorates 50 years of JNU and architect C.P. Kukreja's visionary work. Using drawings and models, it explores the intersections of architecture, citizenship, and nation-building, providing insights into JNU's evolution as a unique South-Asian university model. The immersive exhibition, designed as a studio inside a pavilion, invites dialogue, reflection, and learning about architecture's role in shaping national identity. The India Art Fair 2024 runs from February 1 to February 4. Read the full article here.


The film defies narrative clichés in its depiction of dementia
The film defies narrative clichés in its depiction of dementiaThree Of Us

Three Of Us

The film 'Three of Us' defies narrative clichés in its depiction of dementia, moving beyond the typical tragic portrayal of forgetfulness. Skillfully portraying Shailaja Patankar's journey, the film explores the nuanced beginnings of dementia and becomes an exploration of identity, liberating Shailaja from societal constraints. Shefali Shah's masterful performance captures the poignant struggle to preserve intellectual agency amid encroaching unknowns. The film distinguishes itself by avoiding clichés, offering unparalleled sensitivity to the complexities of dementia without hyperfocusing on it. It presents a mosaic of emotions, depicting the fragility and resilience of the human spirit. Read more here.


Casa BacardÍ Mumbai Festival

Casa BacardÍ Mumbai Festival on 3rd Feb at Radio Club Pier, Colaba. This unique experiential festival brings Caribbean vibes with music, dance, arts, fashion, food, and mixology. Casa Bacardi, 'The House of Moods', debuts in Mumbai, promising a vibrant platform for self-expression and a perpetual tropical "summer state of mind". Expect 5+ music performances, a dance hall & afro beat workshop, a mixology workshop, and pop-ups by next-gen fashion & F&B brands. Lineup announcements next week. RSVP here.