This Week In Culture: Christmas Cocktail Recipes, Homegrown Knitwear Brands, & More

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Culture BulletinTaarini Anand, Pinterest

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Ravi Muppa's Oscar-Qualifying Short Film 'Incognito'

Ravi Muppa's debut film, Incognito, explores voyeurism and human trafficking, drawing inspiration from a true story. Set in a motel, the narrative follows a receptionist who sells clandestine footage but faces an ethical dilemma when suspecting a guest's trafficking involvement. Muppa's visually-driven storytelling, reminiscent of Hitchcock and Fincher, skillfully navigates morally conflicted characters. The film's 96th Academy Awards recognition highlights Muppa's talent for engaging narratives in this nuanced exploration of complex themes.

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Behind The Beat
Behind The BeatL: Yanchan R: Nate08

Behind The Beat With 4 Homegrown Music Producers

Homegrown delves into the creative havens of four Indian music producers – Kalmi, Nate08, Yanchan, and OLD providing an intimate insight into the origin of their tracks, revealing the layers of inspiration, experimentation, and unwavering dedication infused into their musical works. The producers invite readers to recognize the technical and emotional choices that contribute to the richness hidden beneath the surface of their tunes.

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Homegrown Knitwear Labels
Homegrown Knitwear LabelsR: Meko Studio L: Taarini Anand

Homegrown Knitwear Labels

As the holidays and winter approach, it's time to showcase your knit-fits. Though croched crop tops and cardigans are worn all year long for the aesthetics, winter is when becomes a regular in your wardrobe. In colder areas, it's not just a style choice but a functional necessity. We have curated a list of homegrown knitwear brands with a shared passion for the intricate craft of knitwear design.

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A Homegrown Christmas Gifting Guide
A Homegrown Christmas Gifting Guide L: Goenchi Feni R: Method & Co.

Homegrown's Christmas Gifting Guide

As the festive season approaches, the search for the perfect gifts takes center stage, and what better way to celebrate the spirit of giving than by exploring the finest offerings from homegrown brands? This Christmas, embark on a journey through our ultimate gifting guide, meticulously curated to showcase a diverse array of products from local artisans and creators. From unique handcrafted treasures to sustainable and thoughtful presents, our guide is a celebration of creativity and craftsmanship.

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The Far Edge Of The Frowning Forest
The Far Edge Of The Frowning ForestGallerie Splash

The Far Edge Of The Frowning Forest At Gallerie Splash, Delhi

Curated by Jitha Karthikeyan, this exhibition features the works of eight skilled artists focusing on the theme of landscapes. The portrayal of landscapes in art has evolved beyond mere aesthetics, revealing layers of history, stories, and metaphors for the artists. These paintings go beyond the picturesque, exploring hidden archaeological sites, depicting echoes of battles, civilizations' rise and fall, clashes of ideologies, current realities, and fears of the future. Each artist uses landscapes as metaphors to delve into their connections with environments and envision future terrains.

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Delve into Indian travel writing as it breaks free from the shackles of colonial perspectives.
Delve into Indian travel writing as it breaks free from the shackles of colonial perspectives.L:, R:

4 Books That Rescue Indian Travel Writing From Stereotypes

Venturing beyond the sensationalized and colonial perspectives that have dominated Indian travel writing, a new wave of authors is reshaping the genre, infusing authenticity into their narratives. In this article, we highlight four books that break free from stereotypes, offering nuanced and genuine portrayals of India's diverse landscapes and cultures. These writers navigate beyond the exoticization, providing readers with a more respectful and profound understanding of the multifaceted beauty inherent in Indian travel experiences.

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Christmas Cocktail Recipes
Christmas Cocktail RecipesPinterest

5 Christmas Cocktail Recipes For The Holiday Season

As the holiday season unfolds, there's an undeniable magic in the air that transcends mere festivities – it's a time when the joy of togetherness merges seamlessly with the tantalizing allure of gastronomic delights. Amidst the twinkling lights and the warmth of shared laughter, the holidays become a symphony of flavours and aromas that elevate the festive spirit. In this celebration of culinary indulgence, we present five Christmas cocktail recipes that not only capture the essence of the season but also promise to transform your gatherings into memorable, flavour-packed experiences.

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