'Inayat' Is An Experimental Folk Collective Blending Immersive Storytelling & Virtuosity

Inayat's music not only embodies diverse sounds but also showcases the diverse talents of the individuals involved.
Inayat's music not only embodies diverse sounds but also showcases the diverse talents of the individuals involved. Inayat Music

Inayat Music stands as an experimental conceptual folk collective dedicated to curating stories through a blend of theatrical concepts, themes, and music. Their creative journey is an amalgamation of diverse influences, exploring societal concepts and issues while delivering an immersive and thought-provoking experience for their audience.

Before delving into their music, the cohesive, amber-filled, Instagram page for the collective itself speaks to the experimental theatrical experience they aimed for, featuring cinematic shots, a well-selected array of songs, incorporating an experimental or classical mix, and creative instruments. Through this platform, they have endeavoured to explore and address various societal concepts and issues. Altogether, this creates an immersive experience for the viewer.

Their debut album, 'Danka,'  comprising of five Adhyays (Chapters), this album melds musicality and storytelling, drawing inspiration from untold stories from history, mythology, and folklore. 'Danka,' a percussion instrument symbolizing the cycle of life, serves as the album's namesake, marking significant events and uniting people. It offers a platform for exploring alternative perspectives and posing thought-provoking questions on societal norms.

Each track within 'Danka' delves into different narratives and ideologies. For instance, 'Surpanakha' reimagines the Ramayan narrative from the perspective of Surpanakha, prompting discussions on female agency. 'Anal Haq' draws inspiration from Sufi philosophy, emphasizing the interconnectedness of the creator and creation. 'Mowgli' intertwines elements of environmental activism and humanity's relationship with nature, inspired by Rudyard Kipling's 'Jungle Book.'

The creation of 'Danka' involved extensive research, musical experimentation, and collaborative efforts. The album's production process led to personal discoveries and artistic growth among the ensemble members, shaping their musical identities and deepening their connections to societal issues.

Inayat's music not only embodies diverse sounds but also showcases the diverse talents of the individuals involved. Collaborators like bassist Jordan Machado and percussionist Kanishk Ajmera contributed their unique skills and perspectives, enriching the album's sonic impact.

Furthermore, the album's impact extended beyond musical expression, fostering profound relationships among the artists and influencing personal journeys. It allowed individuals like lead vocalist Abhishek to reconnect with his Carnatic roots.

The album's final track, 'Danka,' encapsulates the overarching theme of the circle of life, uniting the album's characters and emotions. Inayat's vision for 'Danka' extends beyond a mere musical compilation; they aim to transform it into a theatrical experience, providing a platform for various narratives and untold stories to find expression.

The album's artwork, meticulously brought to life by Pencils & Frames, visually encapsulates the essence of the songs and eras depicted within 'Danka.' The characters and settings in the artwork symbolise each song and era, offering a raw and relatable glimpse into the album's thematic resonance.

Inayat Collective's ethos revolves around captivating storytelling that deeply resonates with its audience. 'Danka' signifies our initial stride toward creating a diverse and experimental experience, firmly grounded in our fundamental beliefs and cultural roots.

Listen to Inayat's debut album 'Danka' out on Spotify and Apple Music.