tricksingh’s New Freestyle Playfully Samples The Classic BSNL Landline Ring

Phonecall Freestyle
Phonecall FreestyleTrick Singh

tricksingh AKA Tirath Sandhu is a 23-year-old Punjabi/English artist who has been trying to create fresh sounds that take internationally inspired concepts blended with ethnic and cultural inspirations from india, to create unique cross culture projects. The artist's discography is an amalgamation of his travels, life experiences and culture and he has become a part of a new movement in the scene that represents the urban Punjab.

After releasing 5 singles that have gained popularity, the artist just dropped his latest track Phonecall Freestyle. For this, the team and him sampled a ring from the BSNL Landline telephones, and took something iconic we’ve all grown up to and used that to create a desi hip hop banger that not only shows his versatility as an artist but also shows his ability to lyrically flow over the wildest things.

Tirath has been connected to music all his life. He previously has had an indie acoustic act and has also been a lead singer in a band. Apart from rapping in two languages, he plays 5 instruments, can DJ and is a core team member at SoleSearch, a popular Indian streetwear platform. His moniker comes from 'Trix', his childhood name. Anything he did would then be called 'Trix-ing' which he derived into 'tricksingh' a Punjabi name to represent his culture.

The world of music has always been a melting pot of expressions and languages but the emergence of Punjabi-English hip-hop has particularly helped break down cultural barriers and promote cultural exchange. Many young Punjabi-Americans and Punjabi-Canadians grew up speaking both languages so the bilingual brew is often where they feel right at home. Contemporary artists like tricksingh who are involved in the movement of this new form of music have also enabled the Punjabi diaspora to connect with their roots while still relating to the western elements of the genre.

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