Watch A Suspended Dance Performance Depicting A Queer Mutant Exploring A Futuristic Earth

Last Dancer Alive
Last Dancer AliveIshaan Bharat

Science fiction has always fascinated me. The beauty of sci-fi lies in the fact that our imagination can run wild and free because nothing is certain. We all have our own versions of what the future might hold in store for us — a sweet fairytale-like utopia, a red-blazing dystopian Earth, a mixture of both, or something else entirely, not yet conceived by any sci-fi novels or movies. But it's not just the physical or geographical changes of Earth, that the future holds. We shall change along with our world — our thoughts, art, science, belief, bodies and so much more.

We are constantly changing - evolving, every single second of our lives. I’ve always imagined that along with a billion things, our conceptions of gender will change as well. We long longer conform to heteronormative standards of gender that we, as a society, so vehemently ascribed to even a few decades ago. More and more people are finally finding the terminologies to identify with their gender position — identities that did not exist even a few years ago. People are learning how gender is not assigned by birth or society but by the gender role, you want to perform. You either keep pace with the changing world or be reduced to an archaic and rigid mentality. It is my personal belief that there will come a time when are part of a genderless society, where we have moved way past the restricting gender binary.

Situating itself at an intersection of gender and performance art, imagined at a futuristic timeline, is Ishaan Bharat’s aerial performance, 'Last Dancer Alive'. He conceptualized, choreographed & performed this piece earlier this year, in collaboration with and @indiaartfair at @bikanerhousedelhi. Ishaan is a talented young visual artist, dancer, and acrobat who has merged elements of magic realism, gender, science fiction, and performance art to create this piece.

The story behind Last Dancer Alive is about a post-human gender queer mutant called Erythrean, who is exploring the various emotions present in a future Earth through a suspended dance. The performance is set against a sci-fi landscape, where the protagonist is dependent on memories of movement to confront a new found freedom and simultaneously, feelings of abandonment. Ishaan's unique concept coupled with their incredible agility as an acrobat, made the performance memorable for all those present at the Bikaner House Delhi show, this year.

Be sure to attend Last Dancer Alive, the next time it is performed in your city.

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