10 Homegrown Breweries Who Are Helming The Kombucha Tea Culture In India

10 Homegrown Breweries Who Are Helming The Kombucha Tea Culture In India

In the last few years, Kombucha has experienced a huge surge in sales in the homegrown beverage economy. For those of you who don’t know, it is a kind of sweet, fermented tea often made with black or green tea. Largely classified as a functional beverage, Kombucha contains vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients associated with health benefits.

Originating from Northeast China in around 220 B.C., its name is reportedly derived from Dr. Kombu a Korean physician who brought the fermented tea to Japan as a curative for Emperor Inkyo. Eventually the tea was brought to Europe as a result of trade route expansions in the early 20th century, most notably appearing in Russia (as “Kambucha”) and Germany (as “Kombuchaschwamm”). In India, the kombucha wave appears to have begun in Goa, before reaching Mumbai, Pune and Chennai.

Here are a few homegrown Kombucha brands you might want to try:

I. Toyo Kombucha

TOYO Kombucha is the perfect fit for people looking for good health but no compromise on taste. It is manufactured with all natural ingredients and has no preservatives. It helps your digestive system with its probiotics, strengthens your immune system with its anti-oxidants and boosts your energy with enzymes and B vitamins.

Check out their shop here.

II. The Kombucha Co.

It is a Kolkata-based Kombucha tea brand started by a family who has been in the tea business for four generations. Born out of a passion for tea and brewing, The Kombucha Co. sources high-quality, fresh & organic teas from their estates in Assam, along with locally-grown ingredients as flavourings.

Check out their Instagram here.

III. Atmosphere Kombucha Brewery

Currently based in New Delhi, the journey of the brand began in the foothills of the Himalayas. The founders Rebekah and Ariella grew up in the lap of nature surrounded by forests, clean air, pure water and locally-grown produce. They carried their understanding and passion for a clean life to New Delhi, where they began working in the wellness space. Atmosphere was born as a result of their own experiences with the negative effects of a busy lifestyle and a polluted environment. The benefits of cultivating a healthy gut on their health and energy levels were so incredible, they decided to share their knowledge with the world.

Check out their shop here.

IV. CommBucha by MAVI

One fine day, Vikram and Mashi were spending some chill time with their friends in the U.S. when Mashi decided to try out some Kombucha that their friends brewed at home. That’s where the Booch-addiction started! They got some culture back to India (LITERALLY!) and started brewing it here; everybody in their family loved it.

However, they finally took it up professionally in March this year and put up a stall at a farmers’ market in Mumbai. To their surprise, they were sold-out the very first day. From then on, they have never looked back!

Vikram and Mashi envision MAVI’s Commbucha as India’s representative for Kombucha and sustainable living. They believe that Kombucha should become a part of our culture, a healthy alternative to all the two-minute solutions!

V. Bhu Kombucha

Bhu Kombucha is a women-led start-up based in Delhi. Brewed from organic green tea, Bhu Kombucha is fermented in small batches for two weeks and then flavoured with the freshest organic botanicals.

Check out their Instagram here.

VI. Happy Booch Kombucha

Happy Booch, a small women-run enterprise fermenting in only 100% glass, offers you vegan, dairy-free Kombucha, which is great for boosting immunity, as well as digestive healing. The different flavours of Kombucha offered by this brand includes Basil Lime, Ginger Love, Rose Lavender, Beauty Boost, Mango Bliss, Blueberry Kiss, Apple Cinnamon Spice and Strawberry Dreams.

Check out their Instagram here.

VII. Raw Kombucha

After having spent over 15 years in New York City, the founder decided to come back to India with the intention of bringing awareness about healthy food options and lifestyle to our community.

The brand’s motto has been to make Kombucha affordable and available to the people of India to promote healthy lifestyles.

Check out their Instagram here.

VIII. Borecha

Borecha literally means ‘good tea’. It’s a combination of the Konkani words borem (good) and cha (tea). This exciting beverage was the brainchild of Aditya Ishan Varshnei and his brother Anish, owners of Latambarcem Brewers, Goa’s newest brewery. Aditya discovered the magic of kombucha while living and working in Manhattan, and when he eventually moved back home to Goa, he missed the drink so much, he decided to make his own. Since kombucha was virtually non-existent in the state, Aditya brought back the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) required to ferment the tea, and together with his brother Anish who is a trained chef, they decided to experiment and create their own version of the classic kombucha. After numerous rounds of trials, they eventually perfected their base recipe.

Borecha is slowly becoming available across Goa and is already on sale in all major supermarkets. You can find Borecha available in its classic form, along with flavours such as Mango, Roasted Coconut, Jasmine, Orange, Cola, and for the more adventurous lot, Guava Chilli, Rose Cardamom, and Pina Colada.

Check out their Instagram here.

IX. Bombucha

The pioneers of bringing Kombucha to the city, they have a whopping 17 flavours of the beverage. While their flavours are quite unique – kanji, matcha gogi, elderflower and more – what’s more unique is that they brew this only with green or black tea along with a SCOBY that’s imported from the US. They also support sustainable packaging, so every time you order from them, you need to return the glass bottle back.

You can check out their Instagram here.

X. Mountain Bee Kombucha

Mountain Bee Kombucha is a specialty kombucha brewery based in Bangalore, India. They are a small-batch craft kombucha highlighting fermentation craftsmanship and Indian local teas, produce and botanicals in their brews. They are completely artisanal, full of flavours and raw from brewing to bottling.

You can check out their Instagram here.

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