5 Homegrown Fashion Labels At The Forefront Of Artistic Exploration

5 Homegrown Fashion Labels At The Forefront Of Artistic Exploration

In the modern world, our concept of art goes beyond wall hangings and decorative pieces and extends towards an emerging trend of wearable art. With more and more brands collaborating with artists, the idea of artistic fashion labels seems to be gathering momentum.

We round up some up-and-coming artistic fashion labels on our radar that aim to deliver a seamless blend of artistic expression and fashionable garments.

I Claraché

Claraché, a relatively new fashion label, packs a prismatic punch by embracing pop hued palettes that feel as fresh and exciting as ever. Think abstract florals along with dopamine inducing bright and graphic prints. The label’s collections feature a youthful charisma that incorporates vibrant pop contours to revitalise the brightness of summer into seasonless unisex collections.

Check out their collection here.

II Maschiaccio

Maschiaccio revels in the joys of creating art and active storytelling through photographs, paintings, and poetry. Gender-fluid and all-inclusive, the brand captures the essence of empowerment through its garments that stand out as minimal, feminist silhouettes. With larger than life narratives and contemporary luxury designs, Maschiaccio nails the artsy label aesthetic.

Check out their collection here.

‘We aim to decolonize the mindset of societies and reintroduce the concept of Kama - the pursuit of passion, pleasures, aesthetics, and artistic thinking for a fulfilling and balanced life. We want to break the stereotypes surrounding what a person should and shouldn’t wear. We like to call our clothes wearable art. Maschiaccio is an ideal world, one we all want to escape to!’ 

— Maschiaccio

III Do/No Studio

Do/No Studio’s oh so fresh take on genderless fashion has catapulted it to the forefront of the fashion industry with a relaxed yet elegant take on the wearable art trend. Subtle prints, landscape patterns, and pixelated sets are what Do/No’s recent collection is all about.

If maximum impact with minimum dressing is what you’re looking for, Do/No is the one label you have to look out for.

Check out their collection here.

IV Bodements

‘Handpicked. Exclusive. Upcycled. Curated with Love.’ As the boutique’s Instagram page reads, Bodements is a curated platform for vintage creations from the late 60s to early 00s, by predominately French and European designers.

Bodements as a brand has time and again stood for diversity with a team of inclusive faces and body types that strives to amalgamate Indian elements with western silhouettes; mastering a rich yet thoroughly vintage aesthetic despite a world rife with fast fashion.

Check out their collection here.

V Pero

Péro carries a unique visual language of its own and highlighting a boho-esque aesthetic in a sartorial luxe collection is the brand’s forte. Delving into the use of hard-woven lines mixed with engineered crotchets and intricate pieces; the label keeps it fun, flirty, and dreamy as it ushers the audience into an immersive fashion experience that goes beyond the mundanity of real life.

Check out their collection here.

Check out the collection here.

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