5 Indian Vegan Cruelty-Free Skincare Brands That Are Offering Conscious Lifestyle Alternatives

5 Indian Vegan Cruelty-Free Skincare Brands That Are Offering Conscious Lifestyle Alternatives
(L) ilana organics & (R) Ruby's Organics

The benefits of vegan products have been argued across the globe as we, as a whole, try to live consciously and deliberately. Not only are vegan products cruelty-free but they are much more gentle and work beautifully for sensitive skin. Their gluten-free properties make them very beneficial for people who suffer from various skin diseases. Vegan skincare and make-up comprise natural ingredients that are sustainable not only for your skin but also for the world we live in.

India was one of the first lands in the world that invented and relied heavily on natural healing and skin care methods. We are the land of Ayurveda, or ‘the science of life’, that encouraged us to think of beauty as a holistic concept rather than looking at our body as a series of disconnected causes and effects. Our ancestors lived to be at one with the environment and the results were astounding. In today’s context, with a highly informed and sensitive urbania taking control and ownership of their own actions, it is only fit that our brands start embracing natural methods of creating conscious and desirable beauty products.

Plum’s brand ideology focuses on inspiration from the goodness of nature, being driven by the desire to be good and do good. Founder Shankar Prasad posits that Plum is India’s first 100% vegan beauty brand. A unique list of ingredients consisting of chamomile, olive and rosemary, aloevera and green tea, amongst many others is used in the products. Plum integrates quality with sensitivity and has gained acclaim as a go-to solution for vegan skin care. There is an interesting range of products that makes this alternative lifestyle choice more pragmatic for conscious Indians. A vibrant blog and community inform on various methods and questions that come with skincare add engagement within the Plum community.

Source: Plum Goodness

Disguise Cosmetics wants you to celebrate you and embrace yourself. Their brand ideology is focused on self-love and acceptance. They create cosmetics that celebrate real women who can’t be defined by labels. All their products are cruelty-free with quality 100 % vegan ingredients and they strive to be as conscious as possible. The products are economically priced as compared to many other brands and are designed for diversity by three scientists. The team at Disguise is driven by the need to experiment and innovate while redefining beauty experiences as India’s first indie makeup brand. They want to make products that they are proud of and products that are not bogged down by pressures of conventional definitions of beauty.

Source: Disguise Cosmetics

Ruby’s Organics, founded by Rubeina K., who wanted to make a difference by creating an alternative that is kind to our environment and our skin, uses only natural and organically sourced ingredients to develop an entire range of makeup products. They have additionally infused the products with bio-active ingredients that will nourish and care for the skin. All of this Indian brand’s ingredients are locally sourced and manufactured and eventually delivered in small artisanal batches. Ruby’s Organics takes effort to provide employment to women from rural and less developed areas. The brand is holistic and committed to sensitive living and wants to provide lifestyle better choices to India. Natural ingredients like shea, cocoa and mango butter, kaolin, lanolin, zinc stearate, candelilla, and carnauba wax are used in their products.

Source : Ruby's Organics

Nikita Deshpande and Amit Patil, co-founders of Ilana Organics, started the company with an ideology of creating products for the urban woman. Their products are a blend of natural sources and modern ethics. They bring together the tradition of natural care and rely on sustainable methods to derive it. Ilana recognizes the duality in the urban woman and her ability to balance her professional life while navigating the city and manifesting her dreams. The team works out of offices in Pune while outsourcing their skills from young talents all across India. They have specific products for specific skin-types from dry, oily, acne-prone to aged and pigmented skins. Their blog informs the urban woman on diverse methods of practicing sustainable skincare to achieving flawless skin.

Source: Ilana Organics

Earth Rhythm is an organic cosmetic brand started by Harini Sivakumar, an entrepreneur who is also a mother. To cater to the non-toxic requirement of her special child, Harini started making a lot of natural products for self use. Her constant experiments started to get a lot of attention from other mothers with similar requirements and thus, The Earth Rhythm came to conception.

The company is on a mission to make its customers healthier while practicing vegan choices. Earth Rhythm is committed to quality skincare and hopes to spread awareness on the same via sustainable choices. Compassion and empathy are at the core of the brand’s ideology and they aim to contribute to their national and global community. The Earth Rhythm is one of the very few companies that is 99% PLASTIC FREE. From packaging to dispatching, they are committed to their choice. Their employees consist of women from weaker sections of society and individuals with autism/down-syndrome. The company practices 100% inclusivity. From make-up for adults to products for hair, skincare and babies, a wide range of options are available. Their zero-waste practice is very commendable and stands testament to their brand value.

Source: Earth Rhythm

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