5 Instagram Pages To Explore Culture, Art & History Of Indian Cities

5 Instagram Pages To Explore Culture, Art & History Of Indian Cities
(L) Art Deco Mumbai ; Calcutta Houses (R)

Speaking of culture and heritage has been one of our main focuses here at Homegrown. We love all things that do their part to keep alive or show to the world just how dynamic a land India is –– and what better platform to do this than social media? With its immense reach, sharing content that revolves around India and its culture is not limited to the country.

That being said, over time, we have come across a few Instagram pages that have regularly attempted to uphold and showcase the culture of various cities in their own warm and passionate way. They stand as a reminder that these cities’ history and heritage has shaped them to be what they are today. Of many such pages out there, here are a few that capture their city’s personality on Instagram.

I. Art Deco Mumbai

A page that speaks of Mumbai’s infamous buildings, their history and overall culture through pictures of its petite bylanes and some black-and-white throwbacks, Art Deco Mumbai captures the city from Bombay to Mumbai.

Along with the detailed information attached with each post, the page succeeds at not only providing impressive visuals, but also much-required context. We recommend you look through their Elevator Series –– it truly brings out the magic in something as seemingly mundane as elevators. It describes them through history and the role they play in the city.

‘Deco In Blue’ is their notebook up for sale –– a hardcover that features illustrations of some of Mumbai’s most recognisable architecture and design elements.

Find Art Deco Mumbai here.

II. Calcutta Houses

Each home that houses you, is housed by a city full of stories to tell. As the name suggests, Calcutta Houses follows a simple plan –– to feature the houses of the city. What may sound ordinary is in fact a genius way to portray the city’s details through architecture and colour. From decades-old pictures to Kolkata’s adorable nooks and corners, the Instagram page is successful in bringing out the city’s essence –– all through visuals of its homes.

Whether you’re from Kolkata or not, Calcutta Houses is a must-follow page –– to see just how a city’s walls, doors and their cracks make it all the more beautiful.

Find Calcutta Houses here.

III. Purani Dilli Walo Ki Baatein

Dilli waley will tell you Purani Dilli is an emotion –– this Instagram page, with its wondrous curation, will prove just that to you. From old pieces of art to visuals of the most authentic corners of the city, Purani Dilli Walo Ki Batein almost transports you to the city.

Not only is the page culturally inspiring, it provides informative context to every image they post. The archival footage and images collected by them gives us an opening into the world of Purani Dilli –– food, streets, people, architecture and everything to do with its heritage.

Find Purani Dilli Walo Ki Baatein here.

IV. Simply Lucknow

The charm of Lucknow is incomparable –– from its mouth-watering food to its deep history, the city has something to offer to everyone. From the old to new, the Instagram page is almost like an overview of the ins and outs of the city.

Simply Lucknow proves that the city is more than its nawabs and kababs. Local spots, immaculate architecture and aerial shots included, this platform is a collective of experiences and travels of various people. The page also curates art revolving around Lucknow, giving us a true taste of the City of Nawabs.

Find Simply Lucknow here.

V. The Kochi Heritage Project

This page’s bio is what describes it best: ‘Documenting Kochi’s vibrant history, art, culture, food, places and its people.’ An initiative by Johann Binny Kuruvilla, The Kochi Heritage Project lives up to the richness of the famous South Indian city.

The history of Kochi has much to offer –– the page gives us insight into some of the political moments, but also gives glimpses into moments that made Cochin, Kochi. With simple yet extensive information backing each post, The Kochi Heritage Project is a must-follow.

  Find The Kochi Heritage Project here.  

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