5 Mango Treats To Satiate That Summer Feeling: Chocolates, Teas, Ice Creams & More

5 Mango Treats To Satiate That Summer Feeling: Chocolates, Teas, Ice Creams & More
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In India, it’s next to unbelievable to hear when someone expresses their dislike towards the supposed King of fruits –– the (not-so-humble) mango. Announcing its arrival each summer in the most grand manner, one is sure to see a spread of yellow carts throughout the streets.

But what do you do, when you can’t get your hands on those fresh mangoes? The range of mango snacks and drinks that come out in the summer have you covered. Yes, we know the freshness and juiciness of mangoes stand ahead of the other mango-flavoured snacks, but they sure have their own excitement, don’t they?

We have rounded up a few of these oh-so-yummy snacks for those moments you really (really) crave some mangoes –– but in the most convenient and easy way! After all, some kind of mango is better than no mango.

I. Bono Ice Cream’s Mango Passion Fruit (Mumbai only)

What is a better way to beat the heat than a scoop of ice cream? Bono’s Mango Passion Fruit is a tangy and refreshing treat that one just can’t get enough of. The mango ice cream supremacy reigns on, but Bono mixes it up with hints of passion fruit –– and trust us, you will not get enough of it.

You can find Bono Boutique Ice Cream at Bandstand in Bandra West or at Kemps Corner, and can also order it through Zomato and Swiggy.

II. Fabindia’s Green Mango Punch Instant Drink

Some of the most vivid memories from summer are those of returning home to freshly prepared Aam Panna sitting in the kitchen. Recreating that very memory is Fabindia’s instant fix to Aam Panna –– with just the addition of water, you have the summer drink ready in seconds! Containing hints of lemon and mint, the drink makes for a perfect refresher or even a little pick-me-up for your dreary summer quarantine days.

You can purchase the Green Mango Punch Instant Drink here.

III. The Tea Shelf’s Mango Teas

A cup of tea in your favourite spot of the house is an almost unbeatable experience. The Tea Shelf, with their two mango flavoured teas give you the perfect opportunity to relax with the essence of mango in a tea.

Their Mango Mania Green Tea features mango, lemongrass and peach –– a blend of these flavours reminds one of summer. The tea, that can be had hot or iced, is perfect for sunny or dreary days and does not let you miss a beat in the mango season.

They also have Mango Matcha Green Tea, rich in antioxidants. Perfect for matcha lovers, this tea has the right amount of mango flavour –– just enough fruity essence to an already rich flavour.

You can purchase Mango Mania Green Tea here, and Mango Matcha Green Tea, here.

IV. Natch’s Dried Mango Strips

For long, dried mangoes have been nothing short of bliss, whether it be in summer or not. Natch’s perfectly ripened Thai Mangoes, dried and in strips –– what more can we ask for? Chewy and delectable, these strips make for a perfect all-day snack. They also come in a Chilli variant, for those who can handle their spice. These mango slices are the kind of snack you may just find difficulty in letting go of –– don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Purchase Natch Dried Mango Slices here.

Get the Chilli flavour Mango Slices here.

V. Pascati Chocolate’s Mango Dark Chocolate

Marrying two bold flavours is Pascati, with their Mango Dark chocolate. You will finds little chunks of Alphonso and Totapuri mangoes tucked into some luscious 60 per cent dark chocolate. Vegan and gluten-free, this chocolate can be eaten as is, or even used in making delicious desserts. The mangoes are sourced from Gujarat and Kerala, and are mixed with fairtrade chocolate.

Keep an eye out for these rich treats to be back in stock!

You can purchase Pascati Mango Dark chocolate here.

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