5 Offerings In Mumbai Which Serve Wholesome & Authentic Pancakes

5 Offerings In Mumbai Which Serve Wholesome & Authentic Pancakes

Mumbai is one city in India that loves its sugar. And what’s a better excuse to have more of it than literally the fact that pancakes are truly amazing! We know that we all love a good hearty breakfast after a night out, but quite honestly, one does not need to look at a clock to have fluffy pancakes. On that note, we bring to you a list of our favourite pancake places across Bombay.

99 Pancakes:

99 Pancakes opened its first store in June 2017 at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. It has spread over 70+ outlets in about 15 cities in India since then. 99 Pancakes were the first brand to introduce Mini Pancakes to the Indian audience. These tiny pancakes resulted in unimaginable success and the brand has continued to further its signature offering. It is the perfect quick snack or guilty pleasure and we dare you to stop eating these tiny little pancakes that will have you feeling full and happy in no time.

Pancake Story:

A long time back, a few master bakers in Holland (The Netherlands) created a Dutch batter treat called ‘Poffertjes.’ Resembling small, fluffy pancakes, these offerings later came to be known as ‘Mini-Pancakes’ and instantly became popular across medieval Europe. Though simple and unsophisticated, this humble creation had the magic of carefully selected ingredients. Taking inspiration from the ethos of these pancakes, Pancake Story brings that authentic taste and love to people across all demographics looking to experience unique taste blended with the best of ingredients. The Pancake Story aims to give the modern Indian gourmet lover the feeling of a world-class dessert café set in against a European background as it blends an age-old narrative in the pancakes.

Silver Beach Café

Nestled in Juhu, this unique café offers a unique ambience with a sumptuous breakfast. Enjoy the authentic taste of pancakes while being seated at a great restaurant with plush interiors and a great vantage of the street and proximity to the beach. Combine the pancakes with an avocado lassi and scrambled eggs and make a whole meal out of it. Silver Beach Café is the ideal place for you if you want the complete pancake experience.

The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker offers an American breakfast curation in a restaurant that feels like home. The food is authentic and the taste is unparalleled and has a sense of being made with love and care. This tiny homely café close to the Horniman circle has one of the best buttermilk pancakes and offerings. This is the perfect place for the next time you’re feeling pancake-y.


Suzette is a homely café with a series of French offerings on their menu. It has a unique taste with a cosy and warm ambience where one can unwind for hours. Not just pancakes, they also have great coffee and other fresh and healthy dishes curated with love. The casual dining provides guests with an easy environment which only adds to the appeal.

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