8 Homegrown Sock Brands That Will Let Your Feet Do The Talking

8 Homegrown Sock Brands That Will Let Your Feet Do The Talking
(L) Mint&Oak; (R) Soxy Toes

If there is anything worse than wet socks, it is cold feet. Winter is here and we are all braving the cold with our winter coats, pullovers, hoodies, and pullovers. Even for a colourful country like India, as winter comes around, our clothes begin to merge with the monochrome as most of us naturally start drifting towards the blacks, greys, and the navy blues.

To beat the winter blues, however, spruce up your ensemble and make your pair of socks a statement piece; let them stand out, let them be colourful, playful, and vibrant.

Here are some homegrown sock brands that will get you excited about going out in the cold or even keep your spirits high as you snuggle in your fuzzy blanket.

If you love theme-based and experimental socks, Balenzia might just be the brand for you. With stark prints and themes like Poker, Tokidoki, and Justice League amongst others, their collection is one to watch out for. They specialise in high-quality socks and have gym, wool, and anti-skid socks. You can also get your hands on their gift boxes and personalised socks.

You can shop from their collection here.

#HGLoves: Their ‘90s inspired socks with Johnny Bravo, Dexter, and Powerpuff Girls Collections.

Bombay Sock Company credits itself for giving a seamless fit and using the softest yarns to give you the comfiest socks. They have lovely pastel shades like mint green and dusty pink in their ankle socks collection making them equally sharp for an executive meeting as well as for a night out.

You can check out their collection here.

#HGLoves: Their Japan-inspired collection with California Roll, Tempura, Koi Fish, and Japanese Azure Wave Socks.

‘Fresh Like Mint and Classic Like Oak’ is what Mint&Oak’s brand stands for. They hope that with their socks, you will be able to bring out your true personality as they keep a balance between classic old school socks and quirky socks so that you don’t have to struggle to choose one. Personally speaking, their Zesty Lemon Socks are our favourite from their collection.

You can grab your perfect pair from here.

#HGLoves: Their transport-themed cotton socks. Especially the auto-themed socks (perhaps the auto wallas will stop rejecting us after this!).

Oink Apparel

There is nothing that we at Homegrown love more than conscious brands. Oink Apparel is exactly that – they make ethical, handmade, and socks that are unisex and genderless. You can customise hand-embroidered motifs and even get your initials. Their socks are also super-affordable and would make for perfect gifts for your friends.

You can check out all they offer here.

#HGLoves: Their tie and dye-print socks that are sure to elevate the most boring of outfits.

Whether you are in the mood for minimal designs or going all out, Sock Republic has you covered. They have food-inspired socks, polka dot and colour-blocked pairs, argyle, striped, and checks, among other designs and patterns. If you are always on the lookout for new patterns and designs, Sock Republic also has a monthly sock subscription box that you can sign up for.

You can shop from their collection here.

#HGLoves: Their Space Edition Sock Collection for when we are feeling spaced out.

If you are a sockaholic, Soxy Toes has the widest range of socks for you. Whether you are out for a ‘Werk-Out’ or just in the mood for ‘Netflix and Chill’, inspired by pop-culture, their socks really speak for themselves. If you are in a vacation state of mind you can grab their ‘Aloha’ Socks but if it’s time to get studying for that test, pick out the ‘Birdy Nerdy’ pair. They have a pair of socks for every mood of yours.

You can shop their collection here.

#HGLoves: Their ‘Netflix and Chill’ socks that are the perfect fit for all our snuggled in-binge-watching sessions.

Thela Gaadi

Thela Gaadi’s socks are sure to let your feet do all the talking. Their socks are functional, aesthetic, and playful – everything you could really want from a pair of socks. Their vibrant patterns and designs catch one’s eye with the colours seeming straight out of a pop art poster. Their quirky socks also have a muted aesthetic that makes a statement without seeming over the top (so you can even rock them with your office wear).

You can shop their collection here.

#HGLoves: Their Christmas-inspired collection that instantly gets you into the festive mood.

If you like muted colours and colour-blocked socks more, The Glu Affair has the best options for you. Their ‘Doggo At Home’ Socks is the ideal pair to chill in while lazying at your home. Their colour-blocked ‘Banana Socks’ with pale yellow and bright yellow contrast is also a good pair to make a statement in without having too much going on.

You can shop their collection here.

#HGLoves: Their ricecake-themed socks and soda-themed socks.

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