A Three-Day Workshop In Alibaug Will Explore The Political & Cultural Influence Of Food

A Three-Day Workshop In Alibaug Will Explore The Political & Cultural Influence Of Food
L: Magazine St. Kitchen R: Dr. Kurush Dalal

The food on your plate serves as a window into the history, religion, and politics of a region, revealing the deep connections that exist between what we eat and the broader human experience. Historically, the ingredients and dishes we enjoy today are often the result of extensive trade networks and colonial encounters.

Anthropologically, food is a key element of cultural identity and social structure. The ways in which food is prepared, shared, and consumed reflect cultural norms and values, serving as markers of social belonging. the food on your plate is not just sustenance but a reflection of historical legacies, religious practices, and political forces. Understanding these connections through an anthropological lens provides a richer appreciation of the complex interplay between food and human society across different times and places.

If you're a curious gourmand looking to expand your understanding of food beyond recipes and techniques, then this unique 3-day workshop is for you. Led by the renowned Archaeologist and Chef Extraordinaire, Dr. Kurush Dalal, this immersive program will take you on a fascinating exploration of food's diverse dimensions.  Dr. Dalal, with his background in ancient Indian history, archaeology, and a lifelong passion for food, is uniquely qualified to guide you through this intellectual and culinary adventure.

Over the course of three days, at the idyllic Table Farm in Alibaug, you'll delve into the sociology, anthropology, and archaeology of food.  Dr. Dalal will unearth the stories behind the ingredients on your plate, tracing their journeys across cultures and continents.  Prepare to be surprised by the connections between food, religion, and philosophy, and how food shapes and reflects political landscapes.

The workshop doesn't stop there. Dr. Dalal will also explore the role of food in media, its influence on diasporas and colonization, and its exciting future. You'll gain insights into culinary tourism and how food inspires art.

This comprehensive program is designed to be as enriching as it is delicious.  The price of ₹10,500 (all-inclusive) for the first 10 registrants, and ₹12,000 thereafter, covers the workshop itself, all course materials, and all your meals for the three days.  The table farm provides a beautiful setting for this unique learning experience.

Located on Awas Road in Alibaug, Maharashtra, it's a chance to connect with nature and enjoy the freshest local ingredients. The workshop organizers are happy to help you with any accommodation needs you may have in Alibaug, and can even arrange pick-up and drop-off to and from Mandwa Jetty for your convenience.

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