A Homegrown Guide To Must-See Film Screenings Across India In April

Check out these compelling Homegrown film screenings in April.
Check out these compelling Homegrown film screenings in April.L: The Parallel Cinema Club R: ALT EFF

If you're looking to expand your cinematic horizons this April, there are some exciting film screenings happening across India. Here's a quick guide to what different film clubs have in store:

1. Delhi Film Club

Museo Camera x Mubi India: Catch a screening of "Perfect Days" (2023, Japanese, 124 mins) on April 13th, 5:30 PM at Museo Camera, Gurugram. This free event, organised by the Delhi Film Club is open to all. Delhi Film Club is a community for film enthusiasts to come together and document different film-related events around the city and more.

2. The Parallel Cinema Club (TPCC)

 This club is dedicated to bringing international arthouse cinema to Hyderabad. Throughout April, they'll be hosting a special curation titled 'Past Lives', focusing on films that explore themes of longing, loss, and the lingering effects of the past. Every Sunday at 2:00 PM at Yellow Door, Banjara Hills, you can catch screenings of iconic films like 'Wild Strawberries' (1957), 'Hiroshima Mon Amour' (1959), 'Paris, Texas' (1984), and 'Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives' (2010).

3. ALT EFF (Environmental Film Festival)

Gear up for a cinema focused on environmental issues. This film club is hosting screenings across Mumbai, Goa, and Bengaluru throughout April. Expect thought-provoking documentaries, shorts, and art films that explore climate change, sustainability, and our connection to the environment. Their line-up includes 'Against The Tide', a story about two fishermen grappling with tradition and the impact of climate change. Screenings will be followed by discussions with filmmakers, offering a chance to delve deeper into the themes of the films.

This is just a taste of what's on offer. So, whether you're a Delhiite interested in Japanese cinema, a Hyderabadi cinephile with a penchant for arthouse films, or a Mumbai/Goa/Bengaluru resident passionate about environmental issues, there's a film screening waiting for you this April.