Attend A Mumbai Festival Celebrating The Intersection Of Film, Design, & Architecture

Attend A Mumbai Festival Celebrating The Intersection Of Film, Design, & Architecture

In a world brimming with architecture and design showcases, where do meaningful cultural dialogues truly flourish? Amidst the myriad of trade shows, conferences, and festivals, ADFF: STIR Mumbai brings the city a fresh new platform; breaking away from traditional formats to energise and activate engagement within the larger creative community.

Making its debut in Mumbai, India, ADFF: STIR brings forth a unique amalgamation of cinema, design, and architecture. It's a first-of-its-kind platform in South Asia, inviting audiences to delve into the visual culture of architecture, design & film, coupled with a meticulously curated public program called STIRthing.

Established in 2009, ADFF celebrates the creative spirit driving architecture and design through a curated selection of films, events, and panel discussions. STIR, on the other hand is a globally renowned media house and curatorial agency committed to igniting creative minds across architecture, design, new media arts, and creative technologies.

A collaboration between the two, the festival, set to take place in January 2025, promises an enriching experience with over 20 international film screenings from 12 countries. Among the highlights are films like 'My Architect,' an Oscar-nominated documentary that delves into the life of American architect Louis Kahn, 'REHAB (from rehab),' exploring architecture's role in patient recovery, and 'We Start With The Things We Find,' a profound journey into architectural repurposing.

Kyle Bergman, Director, and Founder of ADFF shares, "When programming the festival, we aim to present the best films possible, with themes this year ranging from climate change to prominent women in architecture."

What sets ADFF: STIR apart is its integration of films with STIRthings, a vibrant public program designed to educate, engage, and entertain. Through crits, essay readings, talks, performances, workshops, outdoor screenings, site-specific installations, brand showcases, trailer galleries, designer's cache, and experiential suppers, the festival fosters meaningful interactions and valuable outcomes.

Amit Gupta, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of STIR, emphasises the symbiotic relationship between architecture and cinema, stating, "This interplay serves as a channel for cultural commentary, shaping our conscious and social collective."

In essence, ADFF: STIR Mumbai transcends conventional boundaries, merging the realms of design and film into a captivating narrative that fuels socio-political and cultural discourse. It's a celebration of creativity, storytelling, and the enduring dialogue between built environments and cinematic narratives. As ADFF: STIR Mumbai unfolds, it promises to be a transformative experience, bridging the gap between two art forms while inspiring innovation and dialogue within the creative community.

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