All That Glitters: Visit India’s First Jewellery Museum In Jaipur

All That Glitters: Visit India’s First Jewellery Museum In Jaipur
Amrapali Museum

Apart from the obvious function of lending beauty and bling to one’s outfit, jewellery in all its forms has a lot to do with history and heritage. We keep our ancestors’ jewels with us and preserve them even for the generations to come – but for what? We do it to feel close to where we come from and value that which signifies our culture tangibly.

The Amrapali Museum in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is of the same ideology and is India’s first museum for jewellery and jewelled objects. Founders Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera had set out to travel across India in the 80s, and along the way, kept noticing the jewellery adorned by the different communities, and also jewelled objects that were available in the markets. Believing that these objects come with a significant background, the two founded the museum.

They say they draw heavily on the everyday life of the people of India, especially its tribes, which makes this museum unique amongst its peers in the way that it showcases the wonder that is Indian art, design, and craftsmanship.

Image Courtesy: Amrapali Museum

It is not simply about the jewels or the precious materials, it is also about the art, skill, social circumstances, and of course the cultural influences. The Amrapali Museum houses several different types of Indian jewellery and plays a pivotal role in popularising it across the globe.

The Amrapali Museum treats these pieces of jewellery as objects, but as an extensive collection of a rich history that has paved the way for the modern and contemporary aesthetic. From housing tribal jewellery that uses wood as well as metal, to magnificent silver and gold pieces, this museum is a must-visit when in Jaipur.

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