Attend A Mumbai Exhibition Exploring The Intersection Of Bodies, Space, & Time

Bodies, Space, & Time
Bodies, Space, & TimeShivangi Kalra

An upcoming exhibition in Mumbai is set to showcase the artworks of ten artists from across India that explore concepts of bodies. Perceived by the self or another; in varied spaces — both physical and mental and through time; the perceived and the proven. The series intends on highlighting the multifaceted reality of humans as we live in a realm where bodies, space and time converge, unveiling a profound entanglement.

They further explore the duality of insignificant boundaries that lack basis in a fluid existence. However it is in the constant pursuit of life where the embrace of these temporary boundaries and definitions become impermanent in our individual journeys. The showcase features works from artists such as Varnita Sethi, an India-based mixed media artist, Sameer Dixit, an abstract artist based in Pune and Tathagata Paul, a contemporary artist based out of Kolkata.

Paul's practice revolves around abstraction and colour field presented in a contemporary style. For his current experimentation, he takes his practice on a large-scale to demonstrate and draw in a relationship with the themes of emotions, memories, identity, and the human experiences with it. Through his practice he deals with the question, “Where do emotions reside?” and explores the relationship between emotions and memories, and how that plays a part to makeup our identity. 

Bodies, Space, & Time
Bodies, Space, & TimeL: Varnita Sethi R: Sameer Dixit

The exhibit will introduce the audience to the works of visual artists like Tarini Ahuja based in New Delhi, Kinnari Jitendra Tondlekar based in Mumbai and a 24-year old Shivangi Kalra who works as an art and animation teacher. Artist Yashwant Singh who developed a distinctive approach to painting will also be presenting his interactions of bodies in space and time. He engages himself in painting, performance, sculpture and often uses his own body to take body prints. While Lakshya Bhargava from Ghaziabad chronicles queer lives behind closed doors, providing a safe space for performing the body and desire.

Engaging in a journey of self-introspection, Dipesh Raj a multi-disciplinary and mixed media artist originally from Jharkhand will showcase works that have several different symbolic images woven into a single environment. As he aims to build a bridge between his past and present, in order to coalesce himself towards an intuit future. Similarly Mumbai based artist Bhagyashri attempts to reflect on the physical and psychological markings of intimate human relationships. 

Dates : July 6 - July 30

Time: Open daily from 11 am to 6 pm except Mondays.

Address: Method Kalaghoda, 86, Nagindas Master Rd, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

Find out more about the exhibit here.

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