“Stitch-Punk Visions": Mumbai, Attend An Exhibition Capturing The Rebellion Of Fluidity

Soft Invasions, Stitch-Punk Visions
Soft Invasions, Stitch-Punk VisionsLiactuallee

Raised between three continents, artist Liactuallee crafts imagined visual universes that offer a glimpse into optimistic and futurist modes of envisioning our collective destinies. As an interdisciplinary artist, they dabble in performance, video, animation and more recently fibre art and soft sculpture; utilising art as a medium to escape from the weight and confines of any labels. 

Through an ongoing exhibition Liactuallee fearlessly reclaims the art of crochet, to capture a utopia within a dystopian world. The exhibition unveils a vibrant narrative where colourful organisms break free from a smog-filled, colour-drained world impacted by rising temperatures and habitat loss; emphasising important narratives surrounding environmental conservation and exploring the impact of human beings on our environment.

"Soft Invasions, Stitch-Punk Visions" aims spark conversations about societal norms and identity. With a diverse cultural background, Liactuallee, a queer transient being, explores the fluidity of the world through mixed media drawings and fibre art. Influenced by their practice as a yoga instructor, Li merges aesthetics and spiritual transformation, emphasising the significance of repetitive patterns of movement and lines. 

Soft Invasions, Stitch-Punk Visions
Soft Invasions, Stitch-Punk VisionsLiactuallee

The artist explores alternate worlds, leveraging crochet as a medium. Drawing inspiration from traditional, punk, and feminist textile art encountered during their Polish childhood, the artist reintroduces crochet, needlepoint, and embroidery techniques. These mediums serve as a conduit for Liactuallee's tender profanities, manifesting into a three-dimensional reality from the two-dimensional realm. 

Through repetitive stitches, the artist evokes a sense of calm, breath control, and comfort within the body. The fluidity of the stitch mirrors that of the human body, fearlessly transcending boundaries and occupying space. Rather than portraying dystopian or apocalyptic visions, Li redefines stitching as a potent and expressive tool, advocating for hopeful futures. 

This exhibition challenges the status quo and provides a platform for discussing important themes in a visually stunning and thought-provoking manner. Hosted by Method Bandra in honour of Pride Month, Soft Invasions will be on display from May 20 to June 25, featuring small events throughout the month, including performances and stitching circles.

Find more about the exhibition here.

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