Attend A Performance Where Electronic Music Meets Bharatnatyam This Weekend In Bengaluru

Dewar's Stay Curious
Dewar's Stay Curious Murthovic

Dewar's 'Stay Curious' is coming to Bengaluru for a first-of-its-kind unique event this weekend. Dewar's Stay Curious is a unique platform crafted to inspire a generation to redefine their curiosity and make room for uninhibited discoveries.

From curious collaborations, unexpected confluences, and boundless co-creations, Stay Curious is a movement that will pique that unmistakable and insatiable curiosity. It's an immersive, multi-sensorial experience, where boundaries will cease to exist, and exploration will know no limits.

As one part of the experience we're bringing you 'Sustain By Murthovic X Sayli X Gopika'. A contemporary theatrical performance, Sustain delves into the delicate relationship between humanity and the environment, through a contemporary narrative told through movement and melody. Sustain, which means both 'to support and also 'to endure damage', is a reminder of the abundance offered and sacrifice made by our home, earth. With depleting resources, polluted waters and other consequences of our earth taken for granted, Sustain explores the future of this home, whose continued existence depends on sustainable practices, alternate energy solutions, and most importantly, our proactiveness.

This collaborative storytelling invites audiences on a captivating journey that mirrors our collective pursuit of harmony in a rapidly changing world, highlighting the urgency of ecological conservation through the universal language of art.

Sri Rama Murthy aka Murthovic is an independent electronic music composer, sound designer and dj who has been working in the electronic music field for the last 18 years. He acquired his basic compositional skills in Western Classical music from Hyderabad western music foundation and currently is learning Carnatic music, apart from dj gigs at various clubs and festivals across the country.

Gopika Jairam is Carnatic singer, composer, producer, writer and thespian, originally from Kochi. She also leads the Strategy and Creative Communications at a leading PR agency in the city.

Other Dewar's Stay Curious Experiences:

Live Stand Up Comedy

Hosted by one of India’s leading comedians Rahul Subramanian

An Immersive Audio-Visual Exhibit

OVERTURE - An immersive audio-visual exhibit by artist Aniruddh Mehta & Technologist Myles Periera.

An Immersive Art Exhibit

SYZYGY - Audio Visual Immersive installation by Johnny Ganta.

Live Acoustic Musical Performances

Artist 1: Aishwarya Suresh Bindra ft. Clinton D'Souza

Artist 2: Gowri Bhat


MIXOLOGY - By Dewars brand ambassadors 

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