Breakfast & Bangalore: Around The City Through Its Very Best South Indian Food

Breakfast & Bangalore: Around The City Through Its Very Best South Indian Food

Amongst other factors that determine the health of a city, its breakfast spots hold a magic of their own. It determines the exact moment that the city awakens and crawls back into life. The sweet aroma of filter coffee and the sizzle of freshwater sprinkled on a smoking hot pan, are all tiny yet indicative auditory cues for the energy a city brings to the morning.

In this aspect, the city of Bengaluru knows to whip up a powerful appetite. Indeed, South-Indian food has a cultural significance of its own, but it’s only with time that the youth of this city has truly developed an unspoken love language towards the breakfast spread that intersects the various cultural influences of the South-Indian collective.

The crisp of a dosa’s periphery, the right amount of milky caffeine froth in a cup of filter kaapi, the debatable yet delectable sweetness of the Karnataka sambar, there are several intricate details that go into the making of a Bengaluru breakfast. We take a look at some of the newest city haunts that are leading away for Bangalore breakfast lovers.

I. The Rameshwaram Cafe, Indiranagar

Home to the city’s most sought-after Podi Idli, a dish made out of ground spices and the classic South Indian idli, Rameshwaram cafe is one restaurant that will witness a throng of people even in the wee hours of a Saturday night. Located bang in the middle of Bengaluru’s pub district, the cafe seems to attract even the late-evening party-goers who make a quick stop for a dosa before a party. (Talk about an unusual weekend pre-game!)

The newest addition to Bengaluru’s ancient breakfast club, Rameshwaram Cafe stands out as the coolest kid on the block flaunting its knack for a lip-smacking dosa and a range of interesting idli dishes.

Must Tries: Lemon Idli, masala idli, bisi bele bath and of course; filter coffee.

II. Taaza Thindi, J.P Nagar

There is love and then there is the fluffy goodness of a perfectly steamed idli. If you want your mornings to start on a good, hearty note, try the idli sambar combo at J.P Nagar’s taaza thindi. With branches in the neighbouring Banashankari and Jayanagar, this humble little nook is South Bengaluru’s new favourite breakfast spot.

Must Tries: Idlis, vadas, and kharabath.

III. IDC Kitchen

What would earlier stand for texting lingo, I don’t care has been translated into a breakfast spot that is very direct with its approach and menu. Simply meaning Idli, Dosa, and Coffee, IDC is a no-nonsense spot for those looking for a simple yet delicious South-Indian breakfast. The staple dishes involve the traditional Ghee Masala Dosa and Karnataka’s staple Ragi Dosa. You can’t go wrong when you stick to the basics, right?

Must Tries: Their variety of dosas and podi idli.

IV. Ballal Residency Restaurant, Residency Road

Established in the early 90s, Ballal residency hosts an exquisite breakfast menu that is immensely popular amongst the locals and the long-term residents of the city. Ballal boasts of a more luxurious representation of the typical South-Indian breakfast with a menu that is priced slightly higher than our previous mentions. However, an authentic Bengaluru weekend experience must and should entail a hearty and filling breakfast at this iconic landmark.

Must Tries: Kesari bath and masala dosa.

V. Airlines Hotel, St.Marks Road

Sunday mornings are for lounging around under the cool shade of banyan trees, spending quality time with friends of recovering from a rough Saturday night with a solid South-Indian breakfast. Blending together all three elements is Bengaluru’s undefeated breakfast champion, Airlines Hotel which has been in business since 1968.

The restaurant also has a drive-through option for a more relaxed and comfortable dining experience. Here you witness the diversity of Bengaluru’s crowd. From veterans to young adults driving in after a night out, Airlines Hotel is a part of Bengaluru’s cultural history.

Must tries: Benne masala dosa and filter coffee.

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